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Matthew 1:18, Some Miracles Of Christmas
Matthew 1:18-23, Are We Losing Christmas?
Matthew 1:18-25, Facts About Jesus Christ
Matthew 1:18-2:12, The Reason For The Season
Matthew 1:19-25, The Name, Jesus
Matthew 1:20, Angels At Christmastide
Matthew 2:1-12, A Wise Worship Example
Matthew 2:1-2, God Uses Different Methods
Matthew 2:11, What Are You Going To Give The King?
Matthew 2:11, Gifts For The King
Matthew 3:11, The Meaning Of Baptism
Matthew 3:11, Confusion About The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
Matthew 4:1-11, Learning From Jesus' Temptations
Matthew 4:1-11, Jesus Also Endured Temptation
Matthew 4:10, The Need For Meaningful Worship
Matthew 4:17-23, A Fishing Story
Matthew 5:1-5, God's Kingdom Is Nothing Like This World
Matthew 5:3, The Blessedness Of Posessing Nothing
Matthew 5:3-12, The Beatitudes Describe The Lord Jesus Christ
Matthew 5:5, Christian Meekness
Matthew 5:6-8, Liberty And Justice For Only Me
Matthew 5:8, Who Is Pure In Heart?
Matthew 5:9-12, Try To Make Peace And Get In Trouble
Matthew 5:13-16, Christians Are To Have A Positive Impact On Others
Matthew 5:14-16, The Light A Christian Is To Give
Matthew 5:14-16, Christians Are To "light" Things Up
Matthew 5:21, Is There A Literal Hell?
Matthew 5:21-26, Anger Can Turn Into Sin
Matthew 5:21-48, Principles That Made America Great
Matthew 5:27-30, Strong Thoughts
Matthew 5:38-42, One Mile Or Two?
Matthew 6:5-8, Jesus, On Prayer
Matthew 6:7, Check Your Praying Style
Matthew 6:9-13, The Model Prayer Series
Matthew 6:9-13, The Right Attitude For Prayer
Matthew 6:10, When God Rules
Matthew 6:14, 15, Forgiveness From God? Well Maybe
Matthew 6:16-18, What About Fasting?
Matthew 6:19-34, Getting To Know God
Matthew 6:22-23, How's Your Eyesight?
Matthew 6:25, The Answer To Worry
Matthew 6:25-34, From Faith To Self
Matthew 6:25-34, Answer For Worry
Matthew 6:27-33, Man's Search
Matthew 6:31-33, Life's Main Business
Matthew 6:33, How To Really Change Your Life
Matthew 6:33, Doing Good Is Not Always Enough
Matthew 7:1-6, Don't Judge Or Criticize
Matthew 7:1-6, Judging And Criticizing Others Seems Natural
Matthew 7:7-11, The Secret To Answered Prayer
Matthew 7:7-23, The Nature Of A True Profession Of Belief
Matthew 7:7-8, Steps To Answered Prayer
Matthew 7:12, The Golden Rule
Matthew 7:12-29, Religion Can Be Dangerous
Matthew 7:13,14,21,22, The Real Thing (saving Faith)
Matthew 7:13-14, Two Ways To Eternity
Matthew 7:13-14, Choices To Make
Matthew 7:13-23, Believing Has Been Made Easier
Matthew 7:16-20, We Are What We Are
Matthew 7:21-23, Religion Needs Salvation
Matthew 7:24-27, Follow The Best Plans
Matthew 7:24-27, Something Solid To Stand On
Matthew 7:24-27, Something To Stand On
Matthew 7:24-29, The Sweetest Home On Earth
Matthew 8:34-38, Be Proud
Matthew 9:29, How Real Is Your Faith?
Matthew 9:36-38, Christian Compassion
Matthew 9:36-38, God Works Only Through His Church
Matthew 9:37-10:1, Witnessing Is Like Farming
Matthew 10:5-8, Truth That Is Hard To Accept
Matthew 10:7-8, What Kind Of Gifts Do You Give?
Matthew 10:14, Keeping Little Children From Jesus
Matthew 10:16-25, To Be Like Christ Is Enough
Matthew 10:17, 22, Staying Power
Matthew 10:32-33, What Is It To "confess" Jesus?
Matthew 10:32-33, Why Make A Public Profession Of Faith In Jesus?
Matthew 11:1-3, Even Preachers Become Unsure Sometimes
Matthew 11:20-24, Degrees Of Punishment In Hell
Matthew 11:28-30, Teamed Up With Jesus
Matthew 11:29, Christians Are To Imitate Christ
Matthew 12:31-32, Crossing The Deadline
Matthew 12:43-45, Can A Saved Person Be Lost Again?
Matthew 12:46, My Real Family
Matthew 13:3-8; 18-23, Parable Of The Four Kinds Of Soil
Matthew 13:24-30, The Wheat And Tares
Matthew 13:24-30, Conditional Salvation
Matthew 13:24-30, Can I Be Lost Again?
Matthew 13:24-30, The Enemy Of The Church
Matthew 14:14, If You Don't Fish, You Fight
Matthew 14:14-21, Jesus Knows Exactly How We Feel
Matthew 14:15-21, Jesus Feeding The 5,000
Matthew 14:22-23, From Chaos To Calmness
Matthew 14:22-33, Seeing God Through The Haze
Matthew 14:22-33, When Jesus Comes
Matthew 14:22-33, When Desperate
Matthew 14:25, Jesus Helped In A Strange Way
Matthew 16:6, 12, Who Were The Sadducees?
Matthew 16:6-12, Caution Against Formality And Indifference
Matthew 16:13-18, The Mission Of The Church
Matthew 16:13-19, The Church
Matthew 16:13-20, The Doctrine Of Jesus Christ Our Lord
Matthew 16:13-20, Who Is Jesus?
Matthew 16:15-18, Marks Of An Effective Church
Matthew 16:18, Jesus' Kind Of Church
Matthew 16:18, The Real Church
Matthew 16:18, The Church - The Army Of Christ
Matthew 16:18, The Christian And The Church
Matthew 16:18, Who Is In Charge ?
Matthew 16:18-19, The Church Jesus Built
Matthew 16:24, The Christian's Cross
Matthew 16:24, The "cross" Of The Christian
Matthew 16:24-25, The Cross Has Changed
Matthew 16:24-25, How To Really Be Victorious In Life
Matthew 16:25, Why Are We Here?
Matthew 16:26, The World Or Heaven, Which Do You Want?
Matthew 17:20, Prayer Changes Things
Matthew 18:3, Keep A Little Child-like Attitude
Matthew 18:18-20, Praying Together
Matthew 18:19-20, Public Prayer
Matthew 18:20, God's Church Is Everlasting
Matthew 18:21-35, A Parable Of Contrasts
Matthew 18:21-35, Forgiveness
Matthew 19:4-6, The Greatest Institution Of Mankind
Matthew 19:13-14, Being Child-like
Matthew 19:16-22, Eager To Find
Matthew 20:1-16, Grumbling About Generousity
Matthew 20:28, Bringing Mankind To God
Matthew 21, The Final Week
Matthew 21, Jesus' Last Week
Matthew 21:15-16, Unusual Good Examples
Matthew 21:28-30, I Will If I Want To
Matthew 21:28-32, All Talk
Matthew 22:1-14, Why So Many Are Lost
Matthew 22:2-14, Assurances From Satan
Matthew 22:2-5, Making Light Of God's Invitatioin
Matthew 22:15-22, Dual Citizenship
Matthew 22:21, The Great Land Of America
Matthew 22:37, One's Life Is Constantly Changing
Matthew 22:37-38, God Made You For A Reason
Matthew 22:37-38, Getting Along With God
Matthew 22:37-40, Commanded To Love
Matthew 22:39, A Hard Thing To Do
Matthew 23:23-24, Straight Talk About God's Money
Matthew 24:36-51, Ready Or Not, He's Coming
Matthew 24:37-38, God's Word Happens
Matthew 24:37-39, The Days Of Noah Have Come Back
Matthew 25:14-30 (v25), Ordinary Christians
Matthew 25:35-46, The Last Goodby
Matthew 26:19-28, Help In Understanding The Lord's Supper
Matthew 26:26-35, The First "lord's Supper"
Matthew 26:41, Satan Can Be Resisted
Matthew 26:47-50, The Judas Kiss
Matthew 26:56, Running From God
Matthew 26:64, God's Kingdom Is Different
Matthew 26:69-75, Sooner Or Later Everybody Sins
Matthew 27:3-5, The Mistake Of Your Life
Matthew 27:14, Why Is God Silent?
Matthew 27:17, What A Choice To Make
Matthew 27:17-24, What Will You Do With Jesus?
Matthew 27:22, The Great Question
Matthew 27:26-54, The Eternal Symbol
Matthew 27:27-50, The Death Of Jesus Christ
Matthew 27:33-37, Some Things About The Death Of Christ
Matthew 27:35, The Cross Cannot Always Bless
Matthew 27:45-56, What Happened At The Cross
Matthew 27:45-60, What Happened On The Cross?
Matthew 27:46, Shocking Words From The Cross
Matthew 27:46, Deserted, Forsaken, All Alone On The Cross
Matthew 27:50, It Is Finished
Matthew 27:62-66, The Significance Of The Resurrection
Matthew 28, Events On Resurrection Day In Scriptural Sequence
Matthew 28:1-20, The Resurrection: Fact Or Myth?
Matthew 28:1-6, Testimony Of Jesus' Resurrection
Matthew 28:6, The Heart Of Easter
Matthew 28:18-20, What If There Was Nobody But You To Witness
Matthew 28:18-20, Being A Disciple Of Jesus
Matthew 28:18-20, What Does It Mean To Be A Disciple Of Jesus?
Matthew 28:18-20, What Is The Purpose Of The Church?
Matthew 28:18-20, Only God Can Do What God Does
Matthew 28:19-20, Let's Do Something For The Lord This Year
Matthew 28:19-20, We Are To Go And Tell First
Matthew 28:19-20, Why Is The Church Here?
Matthew 28:19-20, Missions And You
Matthew 28:19-20, All Believers Are To Make Disciples
Matthew 28:19-20, God's Plan Of The Ages
Matthew 28:19-20, Duties Of The Church
Mark 1:1-45, Reactions To Jesus
Mark 1:1-45, A Follower's Response To Jesus
Mark 1:14-15, The Kingdom Of God Revealed
Mark 1:15, The Siamese Twins Of The Gospel
Mark 2:1-3:6, The Real Jesus
Mark 2:23-28, The Commandment Christians Seem To Violate The Most
Mark 3:7-35, Called Into A Family
Mark 4:1-20, How's Your Hearing?
Mark 4:1-24, Thoughts For Sermons - "need A Spiritual Hearing Aid?"
Mark 4:1-34, Different Kinds Of Followers Of Jesus
Mark 4:35-41, The Believer's Life Is Like Taking A Trip
Mark 4:35-41, Why Are You Afraid?
Mark 4:35-41, The Believer's Life Is Like A Voyage
Mark 4:35-5:43, The Last Resort
Mark 5:1-19, The Madman Of Gadara
Mark 5:22-34, No Secret Healing
Mark 6:1-56, Faith, Then Action
Mark 6:1-6, Unbelief Is Still Around Today
Mark 6:45-52, God's Greatness Unnoticed
Mark 7:1-8:26, A Spiritual Check Up
Mark 8:27-33, Who Is Jesus Today?
Mark 8:27-9:29, Being A Follower Of Jesus Is Costly
Mark 8:34, Following Christ With A Cross
Mark 8:34-38, Your Assigned Cross
Mark 8:35, A Certain Law Is Involved In Following Jesus
Mark 8:36, Study Number One For New Christians (plan Of Salvation)
Mark 9:14-29, Why We Are Failing To Win The Lost
Mark 9:20-29, The Energy Of Prayer
Mark 9:30 - 10:31, Learning To Think As God Thinks
Mark 10:17-22, America Verses The Rich, Young Ruler
Mark 10:17-22, The Man Who Went Away
Mark 10:32-52, Characertistics Of A True Servant
Mark 11:1-26, A Follower Of Jesus Is To Produce Fruit
Mark 11:22-24, Mountain Moving Faith
Mark 11:24, Power Equals Prayer
Mark 12:17, Everybody Owes God And One Another
Mark 12:28-31, Our Greatest Need
Mark 12:28-34, Close, But Still Not There
Mark 12:28-34, Almost There
Mark 12:28-34, Not Far From The Kingdom Of God
Mark 12:30, Where To Find God
Mark 13:4-33, The End Of Time
Mark 14:1-15:47, Different Attitudes Toward God
Mark 14:1-9, Trust God And Follow Mary's Example
Mark 14:26-31, Great Sinners Need A Great Savior
Mark 14:32-42, Grief In The Garden
Mark 14:38, Temptation Comes To Everyone
Mark 15:12, Some Questions To Ask Yourself
Mark 15:34, Left All Alone
Mark 15:35, Jesus Was Misunderstood
Mark 16:1-8, Thoughts About The Resurrection
Mark 16:1-8, When It Doesn't Make Any Sense
Mark 16:7, Special Treatment From Jesus
Mark 16:15, The Mission Of The Church
Luke 1:1-2, Be Like Luke
Luke 1:5-2:39, The Bethlehem Story
Luke 1:26-28, Why A Virgin Birth?
Luke 1:26-38, The Mother Of Jesus
Luke 1:26-38, The Real Christmas Story
Luke 1:26-56, A Model For Today's Mothers
Luke 1:27, Why Such A Birth?
Luke 2:1-14, The Christmas Story With Songs
Luke 2:1-14, Christmas
Luke 2:1-18, That Christmas And This Christmas
Luke 2:1-19, A Non-believer At Christmas
Luke 2:1-20, What Kind Of Man Is This
Luke 2:1-20, Let's Keep Christmas As It Was
Luke 2:1-20, He Came
Luke 2:1-20, Don't Miss Christmas
Luke 2:1-24, Unusual Events At That First Christmas
Luke 2:7, The Danger Of Shutting Jesus Out
Luke 2:7-20, The Angelic Message
Luke 2:8-14, The Angels
Luke 2:8-14, Study Number Ten - The Virgin Birth Of Christ
Luke 2:8-20, Something Happened
Luke 2:8-20, What Manner Of Man Is This
Luke 2:11, Christ The Lord
Luke 2:11, Christ The Lord
Luke 2:14, Christians Are To Do The Work Of Angels
Luke 2:16-19, Merry Christmas!
Luke 2:17-20, Celebrating Christmas The Original Way
Luke 2:22-35, Parent - Children Dedication
Luke 2:43-46, Lost And Found
Luke 2:43-46, Losing, Then Finding Jesus
Luke 2:49, Family Business
Luke 3:3-6, Getting Ready For Christmas
Luke 3:16, The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
Luke 4:1-13, The Temptations Of The Lord Jesus
Luke 4:14-21, Minister By Jesus' Example
Luke 4:42, Want Jesus To Stay Longer?
Luke 5:1-11, Benefits Of Being Obedient
Luke 5:4-5, Just Too Unfavorable
Luke 6:22-23, Disliked Preachers
Luke 6:45, It's What's On The Inside That Matters
Luke 6:47-48, The Godly Man
Luke 7:19, Changing, Amending, Revising One's Hopes
Luke 8:1-3, Women In The Life Of Jesus
Luke 8:4-15, The Sower And The Seed
Luke 8:16-18, Responsibility Of Hearing The Gospel
Luke 8:16-18, Use It Or Lose It
Luke 8:18, Preparing To Hear God's Word
Luke 8:22-25, When Troubles Come
Luke 8:27-36, Satan And His Helpers
Luke 8:35, Are You In Your Right Mind?
Luke 8:43-48, Touching Jesus That Brings Results
Luke 9:23, Staying On Course Spiritually
Luke 9:26, Ever Been Ashamed Of Jesus?
Luke 9:32, Being A Christian Takes A Lot Of Time
Luke 9:57-62, I Will Follow You, But...
Luke 9:57-62, Saying You Will When You're Not Sure
Luke 9:57-62, Serving God Part Time
Luke 9:57-62, God Never Comes Next
Luke 10:25-37, The "cure-all" Remedy
Luke 10:30-35, The Downward Journey
Luke 11:1, Teach Me To Pray
Luke 11:1, What Is Prayer?
Luke 11:1-13, Some Principles Of Prayer
Luke 11:1-13, The First Purpose Of Prayer
Luke 11:1-13, A Lesson In Prayer
Luke 11:1-4, Hints About Praying
Luke 11:1-4, How To Profit In Prayer As Taught By God's Word
Luke 11:1-4, 9-10, A Christian In Prayer
Luke 11:2-4, A Lesson On Prayer
Luke 11:9, Jesus Prayed
Luke 11:13, Living Without Sin
Luke 11:37-41, Giving From The Inside Is What Really Counts
Luke 12:13-21, A Time Of Accountability
Luke 12:16-21, Your Biblical Twin
Luke 12:18, Is God's Will Our Will?
Luke 12:31, 34, There Is A Way To A Better Life
Luke 12:35-48, He's Coming Back, Are You Ready?
Luke 12:42-48, What Does God Want Back From Christians?
Luke 13:6-9, Parable Of The Barren Fig Tree
Luke 14:16-24, Christians Are Commanded To Preach And Witness
Luke 14:16-24, Go, Go, Go, Go
Luke 14:25-33, It Costs To Follow Christ
Luke 14:25-33, Many Church Members But Few Serve
Luke 14:26-33, Changes Have To Be Made
Luke 14:27, If A Christian, Then A Cross
Luke 14:33, Obedience Demands Change
Luke 14:33, Not Everyone Can Be A Disciple Of Christ
Luke 15:1-2, No Appointment Necessary
Luke 15:1-24, Man's Condition In A Single Word - Lost!
Luke 15:1-24, What Is Being Lost?
Luke 15:1-32, What The Heart Of God Is Really Like
Luke 15:3-32, The Lost And Found
Luke 15:4-10, Winning Souls For The Lord's Sake
Luke 15:4-10, The Lost, Far And Near
Luke 15:4-10, A Most Astonishing Fact About Christianity
Luke 15:7, 10, 11-32, Heaven Rejoiced When You Were Saved
Luke 15:20-23, The Prodigal Son's Father
Luke 16:19-31, A Voice From The Dead
Luke 16:19-31, Eternal Damnation
Luke 16:19-31, The See-saw Of Life
Luke 16:19-31, To Disregard The Scriptures Leaves Nothing
Luke 16:19-31, Insanity Of The Unbeliever
Luke 16:23, The Truth We Will Not Face
Luke 16:24, Five Minutes In Hell
Luke 16:25, A Single Word That Can Make You Happy Or Sad
Luke 17:3-4, He Will "if" We Will
Luke 17:11-19, The Unnatural Thing To Do
Luke 17:11-19, A Thanksgiving Message (tithing)
Luke 17:11-19, The Opposite Of Thankful
Luke 17:11-19, Don't Forget The One Who Gave The Gift
Luke 18:9-14, The Nature Of Prayer
Luke 18:9-14, Proud Or Humble?
Luke 18:9-14, Proud Or Humble?
Luke 19:1-10, Seeking And Saving The Lost
Luke 19:10, Who Are We?
Luke 19:41, God's Heart Can Be Hurt Too
Luke 19:41-42, The Life God Gives
Luke 21:1-4, How Much Is Left?
Luke 22:14, Who Sat With Jesus At The Lord's Table?
Luke 22:14-20, A Time For Beginning Again
Luke 23:32-43, Making The Things Of God Difficult
Luke 23:33-37, The Crowd At The Cross
Luke 23:33-46, What Does The Cross Mean?
Luke 23:33-46, What Does The Death Of Jesus Mean?
Luke 23:34, Forgiveness From The Cross
Luke 23:34, Thinking Of Others From The Cross
Luke 23:34, Jesus' First Words From The Cross
Luke 23:42-43, Saved While Nailed To A Cross
Luke 23:42-43, Examples At The Cross
Luke 23:46, Easy To Say, Hard To Do
Luke 23:46, Finally, It Is Over
Luke 23:46, His Last Words From The Cross
Luke 24:1-12, The Wrong Place To Look
Luke 24:1-12, The Wrong Place To Look
Luke 24:1-27, The Day Of Justification
Luke 24:13-35, How Is Your Heart?
Luke 24:36, Jesus Is In The Center
Luke 24:36-48, Take A Good Look
Luke 24:36-53, On Which Side Of Easter Are You?
Luke 24:44-53, Keep An Open Mind
Luke 24:48, God's Two Great Promises
Luke 24:50-51, The End Of One Ministry And The Beginning Of Another
John, United With Christ
John 1:1, Christmas, The Coming Of The Everlasting One
John 1:1, God Is Self-existent
John 1:1, It Was God In That Manger
John 1:1, 14, And God Became Flesh And Blood
John 1:1, 14, Why Jesus Came
John 1:1-14, Jesus Was A "people" Person
John 1:1-14, Christmas, The Word Of God Becoming A Person
John 1:1-14, The Story Of Jesus
John 1:1-5, 10-14, Jesus Has Always Been Around
John 1:1-5; 10-14, The Man Who Is God
John 1:4-9, The Light Of The World
John 1:6-7, The One And Only, John The Baptist
John 1:10-11, The Unrecognized Christ
John 1:11, The Reception Of Christ
John 1:11-13, How To Become A Child Of God
John 1:12, The Nature Of Salvation
John 1:12-13, A Saved Person Cannot Be Lost Again
John 1:12-13, God Provides As A Father
John 1:14, Jesus, Divine And Eternal
John 1:14, God Became Man
John 1:14, 18, The Great Mystery
John 1:19-30, Jesus, The Incarnation Of God
John 1:26-45, Be Happy, Jesus Has Come
John 1:29, The Lamb Of God
John 1:29, God's Love For His Children
John 1:29-34, A Look At The Holy Spirit
John 1:29-36, What Was Jesus Really Like?
John 1:29-36, Look! The Lamb Of God
John 1:32-34, The Breath Of God
John 1:35-36, Christ, The Lamb Of God!
John 1:35-42, Love For The Lost
John 1:35-42, The Greatest Thing To Do For Another
John 1:35-42, An Example In Witnessing
John 1:35-48; 6:37,44, The Greatest Moment Of Your Life
John 1:35-51, Meeting Jesus
John 2:1-10 (v10 Key), God Saves The Best Till Last
John 2:1-11, Jesus Helped At A Wedding
John 2:12-16, The Purpose Of God's House
John 2:19, The Significance Of Jesus' Resurrection
John 3:1-15, Rebirth As Explained By Jesus To Nicodemus
John 3:1-21, Only One Thing Will Work
John 3:1-3, Two Different Lost Sinners And One Great Savior
John 3:1-7, The Five Greatest Words
John 3:1-7, The Active Christian Life
John 3:1-8, Divine Metamorphosis
John 3:1-8, Jesus' Conversation With Nicodemus
John 3:1-8, Jesus And Nicodemus
John 3:3, A Christian Is A Person Who Has Been Reborn
John 3:3, What Jesus Preached Was Clear, What About Our Message?
John 3:3-7, Travailing For Souls
John 3:7, The Five Greatest Words Ever Spoken
John 3:14-17, Jesus' Substitutionary Death
John 3:14-17, Look Up And Live
John 3:16, Almighty God Is Also A Loving Father
John 3:16, Consider The Love Of God
John 3:16, Why Does God Allow Suffering?
John 3:16, Can A Believer In Jesus Lose His/her Salvation?
John 3:16, Change Christianity And It Will Die
John 3:16, Three Phases Of Salvation
John 3:16, Things God Wants Us To Know
John 3:16, A New Type Of Christmas Season
John 3:16, The Gospel In 25 Words
John 3:16, God's Wonderful Love
John 3:16, Good News
John 3:16, Resume Of Jesus Christ
John 3:16, It's Not Believe In Jesus And...
John 3:16, Believing In Or Accepting Christ, Is There A Difference?
John 3:16, Three Loves Of God
John 3:16, Christmas Is The Start Of Gathering Broken Pieces
John 3:16, The Right Order
John 3:16, God Has A Purpose And Plan
John 3:16-17, Jesus, The Son Of God
John 3:16-18, What Are You Waiting For?
John 3:16-20, Walking In Darkness
John 3:17, Why Jesus Really Came
John 3:18-21, Two Truths Everyone Should Know
John 3:18-21, Only Two Kinds
John 3:18-21, Why Are Some People Condemned By God?
John 3:36, Saved By Believing
John 3:36, The Anger Side Of God
John 4:1-26, What It Takes To Come To The Lord Jesus
John 4:1-26, Five Things Necessary For Conversion Of The Lost
John 4:1-26, Learning From Jesus How To Witness
John 4:1-9, The Real Jesus
John 4:3-42, God Demands True Worship
John 4:6, Jesus Gets Tired
John 4:6, Jesus Became Weary
John 4:10, You've Got To Know "who"
John 4:10-11, Where Does Living Water Come From?
John 4:11-14, Does Your Life's Support Leak?
John 4:15-18, Everything Has To Be Exposed
John 4:19-22, There Is Only One True Faith/religion
John 4:21-24, True Worship
John 4:21-24, Prayer Is The Act Of Worshiping And Serving God
John 4:23, Worship Can Change Things
John 4:23-23, Only One True Way To Worship
John 4:24, Worship Which God Accepts
John 4:24, Not Everybody Can Worship
John 4:24, True Worship
John 4:24, Not Everybody Who "worships" Worships God
John 4:26-27, Jesus Is The Great "i Am"
John 4:27-30, Proof Of Being Saved
John 4:27-30, Being A Soul Winner
John 4:28-31, First Things First
John 4:29, Prerequisits To Fellowship With God
John 4:31-38, God's Hunting Season
John 4:39-42, Second-hand Faith
John 4:46-54, Faith Of The Unsaved
John 4:46-54, Stages Of Saving Faith
John 5:1-14, Something Worse Than Being Physically Sick
John 5:1-9, Made Whole
John 5:17-20, Encountering God Through Difficulties
John 5:24, Saved And Sure
John 5:24, Border Line Christians
John 5:39, The Scriptures And The Lord Jesus Christ
John 5:40, Not Everyone Wants To Be A Christian
John 5:40, Mistakes Made By Unbelievers
John 5:40, Sad Words From Jesus
John 6:14-21, Christ Walking On The Sea
John 6:25-27, Thoughts For Sermons, "one Sided Asking Vrs One Sided Giving"
John 6:25-58, Bread From Heaven
John 6:37, How Much Plainer Can Jesus Make It?
John 6:37, Jesus Turns Nobody Away
John 6:37, Nobody Is Turned Away
John 6:41-42, Jesus Is Really The Son Of God
John 7:11, Where Is He?
John 7:11, Where Is Jesus?
John 7:17, Doing God's Will
John 7:37-39, Living The Christian Life With The Help Of The Holy Spirit
John 8:1-11, You Throw First
John 8:21-30, Jesus Was Always At Peace, Even Amid Conflict
John 8:31, Identifying Marks Of A True Believer
John 8:31, Sign Of A True Believer In The Lord Jesus Christ
John 8:31-47, Enslaved By Sin And Corruption
John 8:32-36, Are We Really Free?
John 8:32-36, Slavery Within A Free Land
John 8:34, Need Some Help With Sin
John 8:45-47, Lost "believers"
John 8:47, Ever Hear God Speak Directly To You?
John 8:47, Encountering God Through The Bible
John 8:56-58, Jesus Made Some Great Claims
John 9, Blind And A Nobody
John 9:39-41, Light Reveals The Unseen-hidden
John 10:2-4, Encountering God Through Prayer
John 10:7-10, Perils Of The Victorious Life
John 10:11-16, Shepherd Of The Sheep
John 10:22-30, Is God, The Father, A Liar?
John 10:22-30, God The Father's Part In Salvation
John 10:22-30, God's Children Are Safe And Secure
John 10:27, Savior, Like A Shepherd, Lead Us
John 10:27, Can You Hear Me Now?
John 10:27-29, God's "never" Is Different
John 10:27-29, The Believer Is Eternally Secure
John 10:27-29, Know That You Are Eternally Secure
John 10:27-29, When Saved, You Are Saved Forever!
John 10:27-30, Safe And Secure
John 10:27-30, The Lord's Sheep Are Secure
John 10:30, What Do You Think About Jesus?
John 10:30, Images Of Jesus Christ And His Church
John 11:1-57, Lessons From Lazarus
John 11:35, Jesus Cried
John 11:36, Proof Of One's Love For Another
John 11:45-54, How To Get Rid Of Jesus
John 12, Chronological Outline Of The Holy Week
John 12:42-43, Bold Believers
John 13:1-7, How Could Jesus Be So Forgiving?
John 13:17, Knowing Is One Thing, But Doing Is Another
John 13:21-30, Gathered Around His Table
John 13:34-35, Why Isn't It Like It Used To Be?
John 13:34-35, Proof That One Is A Christian
John 13:34-35, Encourage One Another
John 14:1-20, Only For His Disciples
John 14:1-3, Jesus Is Preparing Us A Place
John 14:1-6, Home Of The Believer
John 14:2, What If We Could Take A Look Into Heaven
John 14:2-3, Jesus, Coming For His Saints
John 14:2-4, The Only Way To Have Eternal Life In Heaven
John 14:6, I Am The Way
John 14:6, The One Who Knows The Way
John 14:8-10, Is Jesus God?
John 14:8-11, Why Did God Become One Of Us?
John 14:9, The Way To God Is Through Jesus
John 14:12-17, Three Little Known Facts In A Christians Life
John 14:13-14, Why Don't We Pray As We Should?
John 14:13-14, An Incredible Promise
John 14:15, Words Can Be Cheap
John 14:15,21, Do You Love Jesus?
John 14:15-31, Peace, The World's Or Christs?
John 14:16, Us (believers) And The Holy Spirit
John 14:16-17, The Lesser Known Of The Holy Three
John 14:16-17, The Holy Spirit Part Of God
John 14:16-17, The Holy Spirit And Salvation
John 14:16-17, The Work Of The Holy Spirit Today
John 14:16-26, Been Pleasing God Lately?
John 14:19, Don't Talk About Dying-death
John 14:21, The Test Of Our Love
John 14:26, The Holy Spirit Is A Real Person
John 14:31; 1, If Christ Be With Us
John 15:1-5, What Does It Mean To "bear Fruit?"
John 15:5, What God Really Wants
John 15:9-18, God's Love For His Son And His Son's Love For Others (us)
John 15:13, Memorial Day Message
John 15:18-20, Why So Unpopular?
John 15:23, No Neutral Place
John 15:25, Jesus' Impression On His Enemies
John 16:1-27, The Love Of God Expressed
John 16:7-11, He Who Enlightens The Unsaved
John 16:7-14, The Holy Spirit's Part In Salvation
John 16:7-14, Our Security, The Holy Spirit
John 16:19-24, The Secret Of Being Happy
John 16:24, The Benefit Of Prayer
John 16:24, Praying In The Name Of "jesus"
John 16:24, Prayer Accepted By God
John 16:31, Do You Believe?
John 16:33, Getting Through Anxiety
John 17:1-26, Four Requests By Jesus
John 17:1-3, Jesus Has Power To Give Eternal Life
John 17:1-3ff, The True Lord's Prayer
John 17:3, How To Know God
John 17:4-8, Jesus' Life Summed Up In A Prayer
John 17:9-26, Jesus' Part In Salvation
John 17:9-26, How Does Jesus Save?
John 17:20-26, The Prayer For Unity
John 19:1-5, Behold, The Man
John 19:16-30, It Is Finished!
John 19:25-26, Thoughtfulness From The Cross
John 19:26-27, Mothers And Situations Mentioned In The Bible
John 19:28, I Thirst
John 19:28, Jesus Uttered A Word Of Need
John 19:30, His Work Is Finished
John 19:30, It's Finally Over
John 19:30, When It Was Done, It Was Done!
John 19:31-37, Dead But Still Fulfillling Prophecies
John 20:19, Closing The Door On Jesus
John 20:19, Ever Shut The Door On Jesus?
John 20:20, And They Were Glad
John 20:31, The Bible, All About Jesus
John 21:2-6, Change Can Be Good
John 21:6, Do It Jesus' Way
John 21:15-17, What Proves One's Love For Jesus?
John 21:15-17, Jesus Asks, "do You Love Me?"
John 21:18-21, Follow The Lord Jesus Christ
John 21:18-22, After Believing In Jesus, Then What?