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Acts 1:1-8, Witness For The Lord
Acts 1:1-8, How The Church Got Started
Acts 1:4-5, Pentecost Brought Changes
Acts 1:4-8, On Which Side Of Pentecost Are You?
Acts 1:6-8, What Became Of The Twelve Disciples?
Acts 1:8, Old Fashioned Holy Ghost Power
Acts 1:8, How To Be Useful To God
Acts 1:9-11, Jesus' Ascention And Present Ministry
Acts 1:9-11, This Same Jesus
Acts 1:9-11, It Is Me
Acts 1:10-11, Back Where He Started From
Acts 1:12-26, Faithful But Not Perfect
Acts 2:1, The Holy Spirit Brings Change
Acts 2:1-11, The Gift Of Tongues
Acts 2:1-12, What Is Needed To Witness Has Already Been Given
Acts 2:1-13, What Happened?
Acts 2:1-13, Lessons From Pentecost
Acts 2:1-13, What Happened During Pentecost?
Acts 2:1-4, The Holy Spirit Transforms
Acts 2:1-4, Holy Spirit Baptism And Filling
Acts 2:1-4, The Importance Of The Holy Spirit
Acts 2:1-4; 38-39, Filled With The Holy Spirit
Acts 2:2-4, Can All Believers Be Filled With The Holy Spirit?
Acts 2:14-36, Peter's Great Sermon
Acts 2:22-36, Peter's Sermon On The Resurrection
Acts 2:22-36, Living Proof It Has Been Completed
Acts 2:29-39, Repentance
Acts 2:32-36, Jesus Is Both "lord" And "christ"
Acts 2:37-47, The Lord Does The Adding To His Church
Acts 2:37-47, Why Make A Profession Of Faith Public?
Acts 2:38, The "gift And The "gifts"
Acts 2:40-43, Five Stages In A Christian's Life
Acts 2:41, Study Number Three For New Christians - Church Ordinance Of Baptism
Acts 2:41-47, Witnessing Confusion
Acts 2:42-47, Christians Are To Be Active In Their Church
Acts 3:1-11, I'll Share With You
Acts 3:11-26, How To Preach The Gospel
Acts 3:11-26, A Lesson In Preaching
Acts 3:14-15, Jesus, The "prince Of Life"
Acts 3:19, A Life Changing Command
Acts 4:1-12, The Name Above All Names
Acts 4:10-12, What About Those Who Have Never Heard?
Acts 4:13-22, What Does My Life Say About Jesus Christ?
Acts 4:13-22, Does Your Life Reflect Jesus?
Acts 4:23-31, When The Church Prays
Acts 4:23-31, When A Church Prays
Acts 4:31, Being Filled With The Holy Spirit
Acts 4:32-5:11, Gracious, Generous And Hypocritical Hearts
Acts 5:1-12, Blasting Or Blessing
Acts 5:3, 12-16, What Happens When A Church Member Falls?
Acts 5:17-28; 26-41, Counted Worthy To Suffer
Acts 5:17-42, The Persecution Of God's Church
Acts 5:29-32, A Prince And A Savior
Acts 6:1, Deacons, Partners In Ministry To People In Need
Acts 6:1-6, Deacon Ordination Service
Acts 6:1-6, Deacons, Helpmates To The Pastor
Acts 6:1-7, The First Deacons
Acts 6:1-7, The First Seven Deacons
Acts 6:1-8, Deacons, Partners In Spiritual Growth
Acts 6:8-16, Stephen - A Faithful Servant
Acts 7:1-60, A Sermon That Cost A Preacher His Life
Acts 7:20-27, Moses And A Bush
Acts 7:47-49, God's Real House
Acts 7:54-60, God Can Use Everybody
Acts 8:1-25, How Is Your Heart In The Sight Of God?
Acts 8:9, The Holy Spirit Has A Personality
Acts 8:26-40, The Gospel Must Be Applied Personally
Acts 8:35-39, The Next Step - Baptism
Acts 9:1-6, God Has Something For You To Do
Acts 9:1-6, The Secret To Victorious Living
Acts 9:6, Change Of Plans
Acts 9:6, Old Hymns Have A Message
Acts 9:10-19, The Man God Used To Restore Paul's Sight
Acts 9:10-24, Afraid To Witness?
Acts 11:22-23, Clinging To The Lord
Acts 11:26, Signs Of A Dynamic Church
Acts 11:26, What Does It Mean To Be A Christian?
Acts 11:26, Some Characteristics Of A True Christian
Acts 11:26, The Most Important Event In A Person's Life
Acts 11:26, A Definition Of A Christian
Acts 11:28-30, An Exam[ple Of Giving
Acts 12:21-23, Pride Is Dangerous
Acts 13:1-3, A Commissioning Service
Acts 15:28, The Holy Spirit As "one" Of Us
Acts 16:7, Blocked By The Holy Spirit
Acts 16:9-15, God's Call, The Right Response
Acts 16:22-31 (v. 30), Some Do's And Don'ts About Being Saved
Acts 16:23-34, What It Takes To Be Saved
Acts 16:25, Unknowing Witness
Acts 16:25-30, The Nature Of Salvation
Acts 16:27-32, Assurance Of Salvation
Acts 16:30, Conditions For Being Saved
Acts 16:30,31, Thinking About Being Saved?
Acts 19:23-41, God Is Supreme
Acts 20:7-12, Going To Church
Acts 20:17-38, Grace Makes One Gracious
Acts 26:13-28, Almost Doesn't Do It
Acts 26:24-32, Almost Persuaded, But Not Quite
Acts 26:24-32, Almost, But Not
Acts 26:25, Moral Insanity
Romans 1:10, Finding God's Will
Romans 1:14-17, Don't Be Ashamed Of The Gospel
Romans 1:16, What Exactly Does "salvation" Mean?
Romans 1:16, Do Not Be Ashamed
Romans 1:16-17, A Christian Lives By Faith
Romans 1:18-23, God Shows His Anger At Times
Romans 1:18-23, Who God Gets Angry With
Romans 1:18-32, God Has A Violent Side Called "wrath"
Romans 1:20-21, Some Inexcusable Facts
Romans 1:20-32, There Is A Point Of No Return
Romans 1:21-28, Who Is "god" To You?
Romans 1:21-32, As In The Days Of Noah
Romans 1:24-32, Why Isn't God More Active In People's Lives?
Romans 1:24-32, God Shows His Anger/wrath
Romans 2:4-11, The Good Side Of God
Romans 3:10, 23, Urgent Evangelism Needed
Romans 3:10, 23, Sin Is Hard To Overcome
Romans 3:19-20, Why The Law?
Romans 3:19-31, Faith In The Blood
Romans 3:23, The Character And Universality Of Sin
Romans 3:23, Missing God's Mark
Romans 3:24-25, Reconciliation Through The Blood
Romans 5:1-11, God As Father And Friend
Romans 5:1-2, Grace By Any Other Name Is Still Grace
Romans 5:1-2, The Christians' Two Positions Before God
Romans 5:2, God's Grace Keeps
Romans 5:10, Jesus Died Three Times
Romans 5:11, Happy Is The Believer
Romans 6:1, Forgiven, But The Scars Remain
Romans 6:1, 14-15, Four Misunderstandings Of Grace
Romans 6:1-10, A New Way To Live
Romans 6:1-14, A Silent Sermon
Romans 6:1-14, A Message Without Words
Romans 6:1-23, Is It Alright For A Christian To Keep On Sinning?
Romans 6:1-4, Baptism
Romans 6:1-8, How To Die To Sin
Romans 6:3-11, Buried With Christ
Romans 6:3-5, The Believer's Position In Jesus Christ
Romans 6:11-20, The Church Is Declining
Romans 6:13-16, All To Jesus I Surrender
Romans 6:22-23, Eternal Life Is Not Earned, It Is A Gift Of God
Romans 6:23, Are Our Sins Really Forgiven?
Romans 6:23, Victorious Life Is A Gift
Romans 6:23, Salvation From The Penalty Of Sin
Romans 7:7-8:1, No Longer Condemned By God
Romans 7:14-25, Having Problems Doing What God Wants You To Do?
Romans 7:15-18, God Helps Believers With Their Sins
Romans 8:1, Thoughts For Sermons, "no Condemnation, A Comforting Thought"
Romans 8:1-14, Led By Which Spirit?
Romans 8:9, The Work Of The Holy Spirit In The Believer
Romans 8:9, Our Need Of The Holy Spirit
Romans 8:9, Who Is The Holy Spirit?
Romans 8:13, Controlling Sin, Self Or Not
Romans 8:14, Being Led By The Holy Spirit
Romans 8:14-17, The Holy Spirit's Work In The Church
Romans 8:14-17, Our Children And God's Children
Romans 8:18, Thoughts For Sermons - "sufferers, Compensation Is Coming"
Romans 8:22-23, Unsatisfied Children
Romans 8:28, Troubles Don't Have To Pull Us Down
Romans 8:28, Do All Things Really Work For Our Good?
Romans 8:28, God's Pharmacy
Romans 8:28, In The Middle Of The Book
Romans 8:28, Don't Worry, Be Happy
Romans 8:28, What Christians Know For Sure
Romans 8:28, Thoughts For Sermons - "no Need To Worry"
Romans 8:28-31, Destined To Be Like Jesus Christ
Romans 8:28-39, Need Some Reassuring?
Romans 8:31, Is God For You?
Romans 8:31, Just Who Is God With?
Romans 8:32, Salvation Is A Fact
Romans 8:35-39, Constant Love
Romans 8:38,39, God Has A Message Of Love For Everyday
Romans 10:9-15, Basics Of Salvation
Romans 10:10, Faith Comes Before Words
Romans 10:11-17, The Yardstick Of Life
Romans 10:12-16, The Gospel Is For Everyone
Romans 10:17, How To Get Faith
Romans 10:17, How Does A Person Get Saving Faith?
Romans 11:5-6, Three Things Absent In Grace
Romans 12:1, Giving Talks
Romans 12:1-2, Do You Really Want All God Has For You?
Romans 12:1-2, Christians Are Not To Be Like The World
Romans 12:1o-2, Christians Are To Be Transformed
Romans 12:9-17, Horizontal Grace
Romans 12:16, Christians Are To Have A Renewed Mind
Romans 13:11-14, Christians Need To Wake Up
Romans 13:11-14, Some Things The Church Needs Today
Romans 13:14, Imitating The Character Of Jesus Christ
Romans 15:1-13, Is Your Church Fellowship Strong Or Weak?