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Comment from a user:
I just wanted to say again how thankful I am to God for the work you have done in putting this site together and making so many good quality accompaniments available for free. It is a tremendous resource and I have made so much use of it in our church. (USA)

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Welcome to the site

With the wide variety of music in our churches, this site seeks to provide a number of recording styles:
  • Pipe Organ hymns suitable for traditional churches.
  • Piano. There are the un-emblished 'simple piano' and the embellished 'mainly piano' recordings which are suitable for playing in those churches which prefer a piano to the organ, or in small groups or home church environment.
  • Piano & Organ. These are the Organ recordings with a basic piano recording added. Very suitable for learning new hymns as the melody is clearer, and also in those churches that like the Organ sound as well.
  • Band. There are 'small band', 'swing band' and 'mainly piano' recordings. You can select the style that best suits your church needs. (Note: these band recordings are computer generated.)
  • Piano & Instrumental. Starting with the computer generated Band files, a midi file is generated, that is then played into the Garritan Virtual Instrument Libraries. The melody is usually a solo instrument (violin, trumpet, horn etc) with a bass and piano accompaniment.

Copyright Music previously available on this site is now available from Rev Wayne McHugh's site. Click here.

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