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How the recordings are done:


What are these 'Organ', 'Organ/Piano Duet' and 'Simple Piano' recordings

Who has recorded this music?
The recordings for these three styles have in the main been recorded by myself playing the music.

I have attempted to play them as if I was sitting in church playing for the congregational singing. These recordings usually have an introduction, several verses, and they slow down at the end.

If you wish to adjust the tempo, pitch, number of verses etc, you can do this by following the instructions on this site. (Click here.)

The organs used
We live in the digital age, and so the organs are 'virtual' organs from Hauptwerk.

As strange as it may seem, I actually play and record the music in my small retirement village unit, and then take the midi file that is produced, and then play and record it through some of the following virtual organs (on my computer):

(It is worth visiting these sites, and playing the demonstration recordings. They will blow your mind! )

The Pianos used
In a similar way to the organs, I have played the piano versions on my Clavinova digital piano, and that produces a midi file. That midi file, I then play through some virtual piano software. The one that I prefer and have used the most is from the Garritan Jazz & Big Band 3 Sound Library where I have selected the Steinway Jazz Piano.

The Organ/Piano duets used
Where I provided a duet version, I first do the organ version as described above, and while listening to that version play along with it to record the piano version as described above.

Technical note about the midi files
The midi files I produced and used to drive the virtual organ software are not suitable for general use, and in fact relate to a specific configuration of the organ software I used. Consequently and unfortunately, I do not make these files available.

This restriction on distribution of these midi files is also based upon experience, for in the past, all attempts by keen experimenters have failed.

(Date: Nov, 2016)