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3775 copyright recordings now available mymidi.audio site.

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The recordings on this site are available from at least two main servers:

Main Servers
  • smallchurchmusic.com - This is the MAIN site, and also contains the large bulk files. This site is a dedicated server (provided free of cost by SongSurgeon.com). This site also hosts:.
    The Mobile site (mo.smallchurchmusic.com) is also on this server.
    The Tablet site (tb.smallchurchmusic.com) is also on this server.
  • scm.worthyofpraise.org - Hosted on WorthOfPraise.org

Long-term availability of recordings is now possible, because:
  • The MAIN server is a dedicated server freely provided by the Christian management of SongSurgeon.com.
  • A full copy of the site is available on the free Christian Hosting site WorthyOfPraise.Org. (see scm.worthyofpraise.org). It is wonderful that this Christian organisation is able to host the site indefintely.
  • Most of the organ and piano recordings played by myself are on hymnary.org. (see: http://www.hymnary.org/hymnal/SCM). The search facilities and hymn listings on the Hymnary site will locate the recordings I have placed there.
  • A free hosting website is setup on the weebly platform (smallchurchmusic.weebly.com). This site was last updated 25th Sept, 2015, and presents the music is a different format.

I am very appreciative to these sites for freely hosting the recordings into the future.

Download limits
Due to the high number of web crawlers now scouring the web, and as most of them are of little value to the smallchurchmusic sites, it has been necessary to take some defensive action to limit their effect on the system.

There is now implemented a download limit of 250 files during any 48 hour period (period starts at midnight GMT). This should not impact, I believe, those just wanting music for the coming Services in their organisation.
(July, 2018)