small church music

BIAB Files

With these BIAB files, you can:

Printing out the melody and chords

Sample of BIAB score - Tune: Abbot's Leigh

The free music scoring program Musescore is able to display and print the melody and chords from the BIAB file.

The BIAB files are generated by the 'Band in a Box' program from

With the program you can not only print out the chords and melody, but you can do so much more. The small band, swing band and mainly piano versions of the music on this site are produced by the program.

Create the music in your own style

The hard work of working out the right chords has already been done for you, and these (plus the melody) are contained in the BIAB files.

You can then take these BIAB files and create whatever style of music you like, and output the music files in whatever form your like.

One user who has done this and has generated many midi files for his Church using many different styles to that which I have used. These midi files are available from his web page:

The BIAB Files

The BIAB files on this site are the files are 'as is'. That is, they contain the setups, styles, harmonies etc that I use - all of which you can easily change to your own requirements. To make a standard file (which is a simple task), you will need to do the following:

Remove the 'freezing' of the music.

Go to the 'Freeze' button, and click the 'un-freeze all tracks'. This allows you to generate a new version of the music.

Change the style.

I have created my own styles, which you will not have. Select a style you have (ensure it is the right 3/4 or 4/4 time).

Remove/Change any bar changes

Bars with a red square around the bar number, indicate that I have changed the bar setting for that bar. You may like to remove these setting (eg, harmonies, instrument changes etc).

Some of my Style and Harmony files

While I am not in the business of teaching people how to use BIAB you can have some of my Styles and harmony files by clicking here.

Trust you will enjoy using these BIAB files to make the music sound the way you like it.