small church music

Bulk Downloads

1. DVD's no longer available.

Please note: Prior to March, 2016, recordings were available on DVDs. But as users overwhelmingly prefer to download the zip files, and also as DVDs are now old technology, I will not be creating any new DVD sets.

What was available in DVD format is now freely available in ZIP file format.

2. Large ZIP files - (free)

Pipe Organ

There are over 4,970 MP3 files in 4 Zip files. These files include the PDF score where available.

Piano & Piano and Organ

There are over 2853 MP3 files in 2 Zip files (6.4gb total size). These files include the Midi File where available.

Last update: 18th March, 2016
Next update: This is the final Piano Zip file, as I am not doing any more piano recordings.

Small Band, Piano and Instrumental

Over 4170 Small Band, Mainly Piano & Swing Band MP3 files in 4 Zip files (plus BIAB source file).

Last update: 20th March, 2020
Next Update: This is the final update, as I am not doing any more 'Small Band' recordings

Also over 3037 Piano and Instrumental MP3 files (plus Chord Sheet and Midi files).

Last update: 9th June, 2020
Next Update: Final update

( All the recordings in this section were generated by the Band-in-a-Box program)

Videos with words

(in a variety of music styles - organ, piano, band etc )

Format: MP4 (Windows, Mac, Android)
(All videos created after the 1st Jan, 2016 are in MP4 format)

Format: WMV (Windows video)

Over 900 videos (.wmv files) in 2 Zip files. Can be played in windows media player.
Last update: 1st Jan, 2016 - no more videos are being created in wmv format.

983 MP4 Video files and several WMV files (in 4 ZIP files size each about 2gb.)
Next Update: This is the final MP4 Video Zip file, as Videos are not being added to the site.