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Hymns Old & New, 2008

Revised and enlarged

     1     A brighter dawn is breaking, Nun Lasst Uns Gott
     2     A great and mighty wonder, Es Ist Ein' Ros' Entsprungen
     3     A man there lived in Galilee, Tyrol
     4     A new commandment, Unknown
     6     Abide with me, Eventide
     9     Ah, holy Jesus, how hast thou offended, Herzliebster Jesu
   10     All creatures of our God and King, Lasst Uns Erfreuen
   11     All for Jesus!, All For Jesus
   12     All glory, laud and honour, St. Theodulph
   14     All hail the pow'r of Jesus' name, Mile's Lane
   14/2  All hail the pow'r of Jesus' name, Diadem
   17     All in an Easter garden, Traditional
   19     All my hope on God is founded, Michael
   21     All people that on earth do dwell, Old 100th
   22     All praise to our redeeming Lord, Lucius
   22/2  All praise to our redeeming Lord, St. Magnus
   23     All praise to thee, for thou, O king divine, Engleberg
   25     All the nations of the earth, Kevin Mayhew
   26     All things bright and beautiful, All things bright and beautiful
   26/2  All things bright and beautiful, Royal Oak
   27     All who would valiant be, Monks Gate
   28     All you who seek a comfort sure, St. Bernard
   29     Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, Unknown
   30     Alleluia, alleluia, Raise the Gospel, Bernadette Farrell
   32     Alleluia, alleluia, hearts to heav'n and voices raise, Lux Eoi
   33     Alleluia, sing to Jesus, Hyfrydol
   34     Amazing grace, Amazing Grace
   35     An upper room did our Lord prepare, O Waly Waly
   36     And can it be that I should gain, Sagina
   37     And did those feet in ancient time, Jerusalem
   38     And now, O Father, mindful of the love, Unde et Memores
   39     Angels from the realms of glory, Irish
   40     Angel voices ever singing, Angel Voices
   41     As Jacob with travel was weary one day, Jacob's Ladder
   42     As pants the hart for cooling streams, Martyrdom
   44     As the disciples, Diva Servatrix
   46     As with gladness men of old, Dix
   47     As your fam'ly Lord, see us here, Kum Ba Yah
   49     At even, ere the sun was set, Angelus
   50     At the cross she keeps her station, Stabat Mater
   51     At the Lamb's high feast we sing, Salzburg
   52     At the name of Jesus ev'ry knee shall bow, Evelyns
   53     At this table we remember, Love Divine
   55     Author of life divine, who hast a table spread, Little Cornard
   55/2  Author of life divine, who hast a table spread, Gweedore
   56     Awake, awake: fling off the night, Deus Tuorum Militum
   57     Awake, my soul, and with the sun, Morning Hymn
   58     Awake, my souls; away, our fears, St. Petersburg
   59     Away in a manger, no crib for a bed, Cradle Song
   61     Be still and know that I am God, Unknown
   63     Be still my soul, Finlandia ©
   65     Be thou my guardian and my guide, Isaac Smith
   66     Be thou my vision, Slane
   68     Before Jehovah's aweful throne, Old 100th
   71     Behold, the great Creator, Kilmarnock
   72     Beneath the cross of Jesus, St. Christopher
   75     Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine, Phoebe P. Knapp
   77     Blessed city, heav'nly Salem, Westminster Abbey
   79     Blest are the pure in heart, Franconia
   80     Blest Creator of the light, Vienna
   83     Bread of heaven, on thee we feed, Bread of Heaven
   83/2  Bread of heaven, on thee we feed, Nicht So Traurig
   84     Bread of the world in mercy broken, Rendez a Dieu
   86     Break thou the bread of life, Lathbury
   87     Breathe on me, Breath of God, Carlisle
   87/2  Breathe on me, Breath of God, Trentham
   88     Bright the vision that delighted, Laus Deo (Redhead No 46)
   89     Brightest and best of the suns of the morning, Epiphany
   96     Christ is made the sure foundation, Westminster Abbey
   97     Christ is our cornerstone, Harewood
   99     Christ is the King! O friends rejoice, Gelob't Sei Gott (Vulpius)
 100     Christ is the world's Light, Christe Sanctorum
 101     Christ, the fair glory of the holy angels, Coelites Plaudant
 102     Christ the Lord is risen again, Wurttemberg
 104     Christ, when for us you were baptised, Caithness
 105     Christ, whose glory fills the skies, Ratisbon
 106     Christian people, raise your song, Ave Virgo Virginum
 107     Christian, awake! salute the happy morn, Yorkshire (Stockport)
 108     Christians, lift up your hearts, Salve Feste Dies
 109     Christians, lift up your hearts and voices, Alleluia Dulce Carmen
 111     City of God, how broad and far, Richmond
 113     Cloth for the cradle, cradle for the child, Wae's for me prince Charlie
 115     Come, all who look to Christ today, Tallis' Canon
 119     Come and see the shining hope, Henry C. Work
 121     Come, faithful pilgrims all, Monk's Gate
 122     Come, gracious Spirit, heav'nly Dove, Hawkhurst
 123     Come, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire, Nun Danket All
 124     Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire, Veni, Creator Spiritus
 125     Come, Holy Spirit, come!, Diademata
 126     Come, into his presence, Unknown
 127     Come, let us join our cheerful songs, Nativity
 128     Come, let us use the grace divine, Dundee
 129     Come, let us with our Lord arise, Gloucester
 129/2  Come, let us with our Lord arise, Ascendit Deus
 130/2  Come, Lord, to our souls come down, Melling
 131     Come, my Way, my Truth, my Life, The Call
 134     Come, O thou traveller unknown, Wrestling Jacob
 134/2  Come, O thou traveller unknown, Colchester
 138     Come, see the Lord, Liebster Immanuel
 139     Come, thou Holy Spirit, come, Veni, Sancte Spiritus
 140     Come, thou long-expected Jesus, Cross of Jesus
 141     Come, wounded healer, Slane
 142     Come, ye faithful, raise the anthem, Neander (Unser Herrscher)
 143     Come, ye faithful, raise the strain, St. John Damascene
 144     Come, ye thankful people, come, St George's Windsor
 146     Creation sings! Each plant and tree, Melita
 147     Creator of the earth and skies, Agincourt (Deo Gracias)
 148     Creator of the starry height, Conditor Alme Siderum
 148/2  Creator of the starry height, Brockham
 150     Crown him with many crowns, Diademata
 151     Dance and sing, all the earth, Pulling Bracken
 152     Dear Lord and Father of mankind, Repton
 153     Deck thyself, my soul, with gladness, Schmucke Dich
 154     Ding, dong, merrily on high!, Branle de L'Official
 155     Disposer supreme, and Judge of the earth, Old 104th
 157     Draw nigh and take the body of the Lord, Song 46
 158     Earth has many a noble city, Stuttgart
 160     Eternal Father, strong to save, Melita
 161     Eternal God, we consecrate these children, St. Fulbert
 162     Eternal Ruler of the ceaseless round, Song 1
 166     Faithful Shepherd, feed me, Pastor Pastorum
 167     Faithful vigil ended, Pastor Pastorum
 169     Father, hear the prayer we offer, Sussex
 173     Father most holy, merciful and loving, Chartres (Angers)
 174     Father of heav'n, whose love profound, Rivaulx
 177     Father, we love you, Donna Adkins ©
 178     Father, we thank thee who hast planted, Les commandemens de Dieu
 179     Father welcomes all his children, Robin Mann ©
 181     Fight the good fight with all thy might, Duke Street
 182     Fill thou my life, O Lord my God, Richmond
 183     Fill your hearts with joy and gladness, Ode to Joy
 184     Filled with the Spirit's pow'r with one accord, Farley Castle
 186/2  Firmly I believe and truly, Halton Holgate
 186/3  Firmly I believe and truly, Shipston
 190     For all the saints, Sine Nomine
 191     For all thy saints, O Lord, Mount Ephraim
 192     For all your saints still active, King's Lynn
 195     For the beauty of the earth, England's Lane
 196     For the days when you feel near, Dix
 198     For the healing of the nations, Alleluia Dulce Carmen
 199     Forgive our sins as we forgive, Epworth
 199/2  Forgive our sins as we forgive, Crowle
 200     Forth in the peace of Christ we go, Duke Street
 201     Forth in thy name, O Lord, I go, Song 34 (Angel's Song)
 202     Forty days and forty nights, Aus Der Tiefe (Heinlein)
 203     From all that dwell below the skies, Illsley (Bishop)
 204     From glory to glory advancing, Sheen
 206     From many grains, once scattered far and wide, Song 1
 207     From the eastern mountains, Evelyns
 208     From the falter of breath, through silence of death, Iona Boat Song
 211     From the very depths of darkness springs, Battle Hymn
 212     From thee all skill and science flow, Belgrave
 213     Gather around, for the table spread, Skye Boat Song
 215     Give me joy in my heart, Traditional
 217     Give thanks for those whose faith, Repton
 220/2  Give to our God immortal praise, Llef
 221     Give us the wings of faith, Song 67
 223     Glorious things of thee are spoken, Austria
 224     Glory be to Jesus, Caswall
 227     Glory to God! all heav'n with joy, Highwood
 229     Glory to thee, my God, this night, Tallis' Canon
 231     Go back, go back to Galilee, Ellacombe
 233     Go, tell it on the mountain, Traditional
 235     God be in my head, God be in my head
 236     God be with you till we meet again, God be with you
 238     God has spoken by the prophets, Afron
 239     God, in the planning and purpose of life, Slane
 241     God is here! as we his people meet, Blaenwern
 241/2  God is here! as we his people meet, Bethany
 242     God is love: his the care, Personent Hodie (Theodoric)
 243     God is love: let heav'n adore him, Alleluia
 244     God is our strength from days of old, Ein' Feste Burg
 246     God is working his purpose out, Benson
 247     God moves in a mysterious way, London New
 248     God of grace and God of glory, Regent Square
 250     God of love, you freely give us, Schumann
 251     God of mercy, God of grace, Heathlands
 252     God of the Passover, Lobe Den Herren
 253     God our Creator, hear us sing in praise, Highland Cathedral
 254     God rest you merry, gentlefolk, God rest you merry
 255     God save our gracious Queen, National Anthem
 256     God that madest earth and heaven, Ar Hyd Y Nos
 257     God the Father, name we treasure, Oriel
 259     God, whose city's sure foundation, Obiit
 260     God, whose farm is all creation, Gott Will's Machen
 263     Going home, moving on, Dvorak
 265     Good Christians all, rejoice with heart, In Dulci Jubilo
 266     Good Christians all, rejoice and sing, Gelob't Sei Gott (Vulpius)
 267     Good King Wenceslas looked out, Tempus Adest Floridum
 268     Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost, Charity
 268/2  Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost, Capetown
 269     Grant us the courage, gracious God, Horsley
 273     Great is thy faithfulness, Faithfulness (Runyan) ©
 275     Guide me, O thou great Redeemer, CWM Rondda
 277     Hail the day that sees him rise, Llanfair
 278     Hail, thou once despised Jesus!, Lux Eoi
 279     Hail to the Lord who comes, Old 120th
 280     Hail to the Lord's Annointed, Cruger
 283     Hallelu, hallelu, hallelu, hallelujah, Unknown
 284     Hands that have been handling, Glenfinlas
 285     Happy are they, they that love God, Binchester
 286     Hark! a herald voice is calling, Merton
 287     Hark, my soul, it is the Lord, St. Bees
 288     Hark, the glad sound!, Bristol
 289     Hark, the hearld angels sing, Mendelssohn
 290     Have faith in God, my heart, Doncaster
 291     Have you heard the raindrops, Christian Strover ©
 294     He is Lord, he is Lord, Unknown
 296     Heaven is open wide, Diademata
 298     Help us, O Lord, to learn, Sandys
 299     Help, us to help each other, Dunfermline
 304     Here, O my Lord, Henry Lawes
 305     Here on the threshold of a new beginning, Danny Boy
 306     He's got the whole world in his hand, Traditional
 307     Hills of the north, rejoice, Little Cornard
 309     Holy, holy, holy is the Lord, Unknown
 310     Holy, holy, holy! Lord God almighty, Nicea
 311     Holy Spirit, come, confirm us, All for Jesus
 312     Holy Spirit, truth divine, Song 13 (Canterbury)
 313     Holy Spirit, will you be one, Petra (Redhead No 76)
 315     How beauteous are their feet, Venice
 315/2  How beauteous are their feet, St. Thomas (Williams)
 316     How bright these glorious spirits shine, Beatitudo
 318     How good is the God we adore!, Celeste
 319     How lovely on the mountains, Leonard E. Smith Jr
 320/2  How shall I sing that majesty, Soll's Sein
 321     How sweet the name of Jesus sounds, St. Peter
 322     I am a new creation, Dave Bilbrough ©
 323     I am the bread of life, Suzanne Toolan ©
 324     I am trusting thee, Lord Jesus, Ethelbert W. Bullinger
 326     I bind unto myself today, St. Patrick's Breastplate
 327     I cannot tell, Danny Boy
 332     I give you love, Finlandia ©
 334     I heard the voice of Jesus say, Kingsfold
 334/2  I heard the voice of Jesus say, Vox Dilecti
 336     I need thee every hour, I Need Thee
 340     I will sing the wondrous story, Hyfrydol
 344     If you believe and I believe, Zimbabwe
 347     I'm not ashamed to own my Lord, Jackson
 349     Immortal, invisible, God only wise, St. Denio
 350     Immortal love, for ever full, Bishopthorpe
 353     In Christ there is no east or west, Kilmarnock
 354     In full and glad surrender, St. Alphege
 355     In heav'nly love abiding, Penlan
 356     In our day of thanksgiving, Was Lebet
 356/2  In our day of thanksgiving, St. Catherine's Court
 357     In the bleak mid-winter, Cranham
 358     In the Cross of Christ I glory, Wychbold
 359     In the garden Mary lingers, Angel Voices
 362     Inspired by love and anger, Salley Gardens
 363     It came upon the midnight clear, Noel
 364     It is a thing most wonderful, Herongate
 364/2  It is a thing most wonderful, Brookfield
 365     It's me, it's me, it's me, O Lord, Spiritual
 366     It's rounded like an orange, The Holly and the Ivy
 367     Jesu, grant me this, I pray, Song 13 (Canterbury)
 368     Jesu, Jesu, fill us with your love, Hereponi
 369     Jesu, lover of my soul, Aberystwyth
 369/2  Jesu, lover of my soul, Hollingside
 370     Jesu, our hope, our heart's desire, Metzler's Redhead
 371     Jesu, Son of Mary, Swahili
 371/2  Jesu, Son of Mary, Caswall
 371/3  Jesu, Son of Mary, Eudoxia
 373     Jesus, the very thought of thee, Metzler's Redhead
 374     Jesus, thou joy of loving hearts, St. Sepulchre
 375     Jesus, all for Jesus, J. Atkinson & R. Mark ©
 377     Jesus bids us shine, Jesus Bids us Shine
 378     Jesus calls us here to meet him, Jesus Calls us
 379     Jesus calls us: o'er the tumult, St. Andrew
 381     Jesus Christ is ris'n today, Easter Hymn
 382     Jesus Christ is waiting, Noel Nouvelet
 383     Jesus, good above all other, Quem Pastores
 384     Jesus, humbled was your birth, Buckland
 390     Jesus lives! thy terrors now, St. Albinus
 391     Jesus, Lord, we look to thee, Vienna
 392     Jesus, Lord, we pray, Seelenbrautigan
 393     Jesus' love is very wonderful, Unknown
 396     Jesus, Prince and Saviour, St. Gertrude
 399     Jesus shall reign where're the sun, Truro
 399/2  Jesus shall reign where're the sun, Galilee
 402     Jesus, stand among us in thy risen power, Caswall
 403     Jesus the Lord said: 'I am the Bread', Yisu Ne Kaha
 404     Jesus, the name high over all, Lydia
 406     Jesus, we have heard your Spirit, Blaenwern
 407     Jesus, where'er thy people meet, Wareham
 408     Join the song of praise and protest, Daily Daily
 409     Joy to the world!, Antioch
 411     Judge eternal, throned in splendour, Rhuddlan
 412     Just a closer walk with thee, Just a closer walk
 413     Just as I am, without one plea, Misericordia
 413/2  Just as I am, without one plea, Saffron Walden
 419     Kum ba yah, my Lord, Spiritual
 421     Lead, kindly light, Sandon
 421/2  Lead, kindly light, Lux Benigna
 422     Lead us, heav'nly Father, lead us, Mannheim
 424     Let all mortal flesh keep silence, Picardy
 427     Let love be found among us, Morning Light
 428     Let saints on earth in concert sing, Dundee
 431     Let us break bread together, Unknown
 433     Let us praise God together, Unknown
 434     Let us talents and tongues employ, Linstead
 435     Let us, with a gladsome mind, Monkland
 438     Lift up your heads, you mighty gates, Truro
 439     Lift up your hearts!, Woodlands
 442     Light's abode, celestial Salem, Regent Square
 443     Light's glitt'ring morn bedecks the sky, Lasst uns Erfreuen
 448     Little Jesus, sweetly sleep, Traditional Czech carol
 449     Lo, he comes with clouds descending, Helmsley
 450     Lo, round the throne, a glorious band, Deus Tuorum Militum
 451     Long ago, prophets knew, Personent Hodie (Theodoric)
 453     Lord, enthroned in heav'nly splendour, St. Helen
 459     Lord, I have made thy word my choice, Billing
 462     Lord, it belongs not to my care, St. Hugh
 464     Lord Jesus Christ, be present now, Niagara
 465     Lord Jesus, think on me, Southwell (Damon)
 465/2  Lord Jesus, think on me, St. Paul's
 466     Lord of all being, throned afar, Maryton
 467     Lord of all hopefulness, Slane
 469     Lord of all, to whom alone, Huddersfield
 471     Lord of creation, Slane
 474     Lord of lords and King eternal, St. Helen
 477     Lord of the worlds above, Croft's 136th
 478     Lord, teach us how to pray alright, St. Hugh
 481     Lord, thy word abideth, Ravenshaw
 482     Lord, today your voice is calling, Lux Eoi
 483/2  Lord, we come to ask your healing, Ar hyd y nos
 484     Lord, we thank you for the promise, Blaenwern
 485     Lord, we turn to you for mercy, Gott Will's Machen
 491     Love divine, all loves excelling, Love Divine
 491/2  Love divine, all loves excelling, Blaenwern
 494     Love's redeeming work is done, Savannah
 495     Loving Shepherd of thy sheep, Buckland
 496     Low in the grave he lay, Christ Arose
 502     Mary had a baby, yes, Lord, West Indian Spiritual
 505     May the grace of Christ our Saviour, Waltham
 506     May the mind of Christ my Saviour, St. Leonard's
 509     Morning glory, starlit sky, Song 13 (Canterbury)
 510     Morning has broken like the morning, Bunessan
 512     My faith looks up to thee, Olivet
 513     My Father, for an another night, St. Timothy
 515     My God, and is thy table spread, Rockingham
 516     My God, how wonderful you are, Westminster Abbey
 517     My God, I love thee, Solomon
 517/2  My God, I love thee, St. Francis Xavier
 522     My spirit longs for thee, Quam Dilecta
 522/2  My spirit longs for thee, Eccles
 524     Name of all majesty, Michael Baughen ©
 525     Nearer, my God, to thee, Horbury
 526     New ev'ry morning is thy love, Melcombe
 527     New songs of celebration render, Rendez a dieu
 528     Not far beyond the sea, Cornwall
 529     Now is eternal life, Christchurch
 530     Now let us from this table rise, Solothurn
 531     Now, my tongue, the myst'ry telling, Pange Lingua
 531/2  Now, my tongue, the myst'ry telling, Tantum Ergo (Grafton)
 532     Now thank we all our God, Nun Danket
 532/2  Now thank we all our God, Gracias
 533     Now the green blade riseth, Noel Nouvelet
 534     O come, all ye faithful, Adeste Fideles
 535     O come, O come, Emmanuel, Veni Emmanuel
 536     O comfort my people, Comfort
 537     O day of God, draw nigh, St. Michael
 538     O dearest Lord, the sacred head, Albano
 539     O for a closer walk with God, Caithness
 540     O for a heart to praise my God, Stockton
 541     O for a thousand tongues to sing, Selby
 541/2  O for a thousand tongues to sing, Lyngham
 542     O give thanks to the Lord, Graham Kendrick ©
 544     O God beyond all praising, Thaxted
 545     O God of Bethel, by whose hand, Martyrdom
 546     O God of earth and altar, King's Lynn
 547     O God, our help in ages past, St. Anne
 548     O God, unseen yet ever near, St. Flavian
 550     O happy band of pilgrims, Knecht (Kocher)
 553     O holy, heavenly Kingdom, Ewing
 554     O Holy Spirit, Lord of grace, Tallis' Ordinal
 555     O, how good is the Lord, Traditional
 556     O Jesus, I have promised, Day of Rest
 556/2  O Jesus, I have promised, Wolvercote
 556/3  O Jesus, I have promised, Hatherop Castle ©
 557     O King enthroned on high, Temple
 559     O little town of Bethlehem, Forest Green
 563     O Lord my God!, How great thou art ©
 566     O Lord of heav'n and earth and sea, Almsgiving
 569     O love divine, how sweet thou art!, Cornwall
 570     O love, how deep, how broad, Eisenach
 571     O love that wilt not let me go, St. Margaret
 572     O my Saviour, lifted, North Coates
 573     O perfect love, Strength and Stay
 573/2  O perfect love, Felix
 574     O praise ye the Lord, Laudate Dominum (Parry)
 574/2  O praise ye the Lord, Laudate Dominum (Gauntlett)
 575     O raise your eyes on high and see, Crediton
 576     O sacred head, surrounded, Passion Chorale
 577     O strength and stay upholding, Strength and Stay
 579     O thou, who at thy Eucharist didst pray, Song 1
 580     O thou who camest from above, Hereford
 581     O when the saints, Traditional
 582     O worship the king, Hanover
 583     O worship the Lord in the beauty, Was Lebet
 584     Of the Father's love begotten, Corde natus(Divinum Mysterium)
 585     Oft in danger, oft in woe, University College
 587     On a hill far away, The old rugged cross
 588     On Christmas night all Christians sing, Sussex Carol
 589     On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cry, Winchester New
 590     On the day of Pentecost, Puer Nobis
 592     Once in royal David's city, Irby
 593     Once, only once, and once for all, Albano
 597     One whose heart is hard as steel, Petra (Redhead No 76)
 599     Onward, Christian pilgrims, St. Gertrude
 602     Our blest Redeemer, ere he breathed, St. Cuthbert
 603     Our Father, who art in heaven, Traditional Caribbean Melody
 605     Our Father God in heaven, Wolvercote
 607     Our God is so great, Ruth H. Calkin
 608     Our God loves us, Plaiser D'Amour
 610     Over the earth is a mat of green, Traditional Scottish Melody
 613     Peace is flowing like a river, Peace
 614     Peace, perfect peace, Song 46
 617     Praise and thanksgiving, Bunessan
 621     Praise him, praise him, all his children, He is love
 622     Praise him, praise him, praise him, Unknown
 623     Praise, my soul, the King of heaven, Praise, my soul ©
 624     Praise, O praise our God and King, Monkland
 625     Praise the Lord, ye heavens, adore him!, Austria
 626     Praise to God for saints and martyrs, Ebenezer (Ton-y-Botel)
 627     Praise to the holiest, Gerontius
 627/2  Praise to the holiest, Chorus Angelorum (Somervell)
 628     Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, Lobe Den Herren
 629     Praise we now the word of grace, Savannah
 629/2  Praise we now the word of grace, Boyce
 630     Proclaim, proclaim the story, Te Deum
 633     Put peace into each other's hands, Irish Melody
 634     Put thou thy trust in God, Doncaster
 636     Rejoice in the Lord always, Unknown
 637     Rejoice, O land, in God thy might, Wareham
 638     Rejoice, the Lord is King!, Gopsal
 640     Ride on, ride on in majesty, Winchester New
 640/2  Ride on, ride on in majesty, St. Drostane
 641     Ride and hear! The Lord is speaking, Sussex
 642     Rise and shine, Traditional
 643     Rock of ages, Petra (Redhead No 76)
 643/2  Rock of ages, Toplady
 644     Round me falls the night, Seelenbrautigan
 645     Saint Luke, belov'd physician, Aurelia
 647     Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus, Unknown
 648     Saviour, again to thy dear name, Ellers
 649     See, amid the winter's snow, Humility (Oxford)
 651     See the holy table, spread for our healing, Nicea
 655     Shepherd divine, our wants relieve, St. Etheldreda
 657     Show me how to stand for justice, Hyfrydol
 658     Silent night, holy night, Stille Nacht
 661     Sing lullaby!, The infant King
 662     Sing, my tongue, the glorious battle, Pange Lingua
 664     Sing praise to God who reigns above, Luther
 667     Son of God, eternal Saviour, Everton
 668     Songs of praise the angels sang, Northampton
 669     Songs of thankfulness and praise, St. Edmund
 670     Soul of my Saviour, Anima Christi
 671     Spirit divine, attend our pray'rs, St. Agnus (Dykes)
 672     Spirit of God, come dwell within me, Leaving of Lismore
 676     Stand up and bless the Lord, Carlisle
 677     Stand up, stand up for Jesus, Morning Light
 679     Steal away, steal away, Spiritual
 680     Strengthen for service, Lord, Ach Gott Und Herr
 682     Sun of my soul, thou Saviour dear, Abends
 682/2  Sun of my soul, thou Saviour dear, Hursley
 684     Sweet sacrament divine, Divine Mysteries
 686     Take my hands, Lord, to share, Margaret Rizza ©
 687     Take my life, and let it be, Nottingham
 689     Take up thy cross, the Saviour said, Breslau
 690     Teach me, my God and King, Sandys
 692     Tell out, my soul, Woodlands
 697     Thanks for the fellowship, Skye Boat Song
 698/2  Thanks to God whose word was spoken, St. Helen
 699     The advent of our King, Franconia
 699/2  The advent of our King, St. Thomas
 700     The angel Gabriel from heaven came, Gabriel's Message
 701     The Church of God a kingdom is, University
 702     The Church's one foundation, Aurelia
 703     The day of resurrection!, Ellacombe
 704     The day thou gavest, Lord, is ended, St. Clement
 705     The first Nowell, The first nowell
 706     The God of Abraham praise, Leoni
 707     The God of love my shepherd is, University
 708     The God whom earth and sea and sky, Puer Nobis Nascitur
 709     The gracious invitation stands, Kingsfold
 711     The head that once was crowned with thorns, St. Magnus
 712     The heav'ns declare thy glory, Lord, Alfreton
 713     The holly and the ivy, The holly and the ivy
 715     The King of love my shepherd is, Dominus Regit Me
 715/2  The king of love my shepherd is, St. Columba
 716     The kingdom is upon you!, Wolvercote
 718     The Lord is King!, Ivyhatch
 721     The Lord is risen indeed, St. Michael
 721/2  The Lord is risen indeed, Narenza
 722     The Lord will come and not be slow, St. Stephen
 723     The Lord's my shepherd, Crimond
 723/2  The Lord's my shepherd, Brother James' Air
 725     The love we share, Traditional Irish Melody
 727     The people that in darkness sat, Dundee
 728     The prophets spoke in days of old, Jackson
 729     The royal banners forward go, Gonfalon Royal
 730     The Saviour still will come, Laudate Dominum (Parry)
 731     The Son of God proclaim, Mount Ephraim
 732     The Spirit lives to set us free, Unknown
 733     The strife is o'er, the battle won, Gelob't Sei Gott (Vulpius)
 733/2  The strife is o'er, the battle won, Victory
 734     The Virgin Mary had a baby boy, Traditional West Indian
 735     The wise man built his house, Unknown
 737     Thee we adore, O hidden Saviour, Adoro Te Devote
 737/2  Thee we adore, O hidden Saviour, Ellers
 739     There in God's garden stands the tree, Diva Servatrix
 740     There is a green hill far away, Horsley
 741     There is a land of pure delight, Beaulah
 747     There's a wideness in God's mercy, Cross of Jesus
 747/2  There's a wideness in God's mercy, Daily Daily
 749     These vows of love are taken, Thaxted
 750     Thine arm, O Lord, in days of old, St. Matthew
 751     Thine be the glory, Maccabaeus
 752     Thine for ever! God of love, Newington
 760     This is the day the Lord has made, Bishopsthorpe
 761     This joyful Eastertide, This Joyful Eastertide (Vreuchten)
 762     This little light of mine, Traditional
 765     Thou art the Way: by thee alone, St. James
 766     Thou didst leave thy throne, Margaret
 767     Thou, whose almighty word, Moscow
 768     Though pilgrim strangers here below, Surrey
 769     Through all the changing scenes of life, Wiltshire
 770     Through the night of doubt and sorrow, Rustington
 772     Thy hand, O God, has guided thy flock, Thornbury
 773     Thy kingdom come!, Irish
 774     Thy kingdom come, O God, St. Cecilia
 775     Tis good, Lord to be here, Carlisle
 777     To God be the glory!, William H. Doane
 778     To mock your reign, O dearest Lord, Third mode melody
 779     To the name of our salvation, Oriel
 780     To thee, O Lord, our hearts we raise, Golden Sheaves
 782     Unto us a boy is born!, Puer Nobis
 784     Virgin-born, we bow before thee, Quem Pastores
 786     Wake, O wake! with tidings thrilling, Wachet Auf
 787     Waken, O sleeper, wake and rise, Billing
 789     We are marching in the light of God, Siyahamba
 792     We cannot measure, Ye Banks and Braes
 793     We eat the plants that grow from the seed, English Country Garden
 794     We gather here, Jerusalem
 795     We give immortal praise, Croft's 136th
 796     We hail thy presence glorious, Offertorium
 797     We have a dream, Woodlands
 798     We have a gospel to proclaim, Fulda
 799     We have a King who rides a donkey, Traditional English Melody
 800     We love the place, O God, Quam Dilecta
 801     We plough the fields and scatter, Wir Pflugen
 802     We praise you, Lord, for Jesus Christ, Crucis Victoria
 803     We pray thee, heav'nly Father, Dies Dominica
 805     We three kings of Orient are, Kings of Orient
 806     We turn to you, Intercessor
 810     Were you there when they crucified my Lord?, Sipiritual
 811     What a friend we have in Jesus, Converse
 813     When all thy mercies, O my God, Contemplation
 814     When God Almighty came to earth, O Waly Waly
 816     When God of old came down from heaven, Winchester Old
 819     When I needed a neighbour, Sydney Carter ©
 820     When I survey the wondrous cross, Rockingham
 820/2  When I survey the wondrous cross, O Waly Waly
 821     When Jesus came to Jordan, Offertorium
 822     When morning gilds the skies, Laudes Domini
 824     When the Spirit of the Lord, Unknown
 825     Where is this stupendous stranger?, Halton Holgate
 826     Wherefore, O Father, Christe Fons Jugis
 827     While shepherds watched their flocks, Winchester Old
 828     Who are these like stars appearing, All Saints
 833     Wide, wide as the ocean, C. Austin Miles
 834     Will you come and follow me, Kelvingrove
 835     Will your anchor hold, William J. Kirkpatrick
 836     With joy we meditate the grace, Salzburg (Haydn)
 839     Ye choirs of new Jerusalem, St. Fulbert
 840     Ye holy angels bright, Darwall's 148th
 841     Ye servants of God, Paderborn ©
 842     Ye servants of the Lord, Narenza
 843     Ye that know the Lord is gracious, Hyfrydol
 844     Ye watchers and ye holy ones, Lasst Uns Erfreuen
 845     Ye who own the faith of Jesus, Daily daily
 846     Yesterday, today, for ever, Unknown
 854     You stood there on the shoreline, Thornbury
 857     Zacchaeus was a very little man, Unknown

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