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Here are some more details about the hymn:
Man of Sorrows! what a name (Man of Sorrows))

Hymnbooks that contain this hymn or tune
Hymn BookNoAlt.First Line/Tune
Baptist Hymnal (US), 2008 242
Man of sorrows, what a Savior! (Philip P. Bliss)
Celebration Hymnal, 1997 311
Man of Sorrows! what a name (Man of Sorrows)
Methodist, 1933 176
Man of sorrows! What a name (Gethsemane)
Methodist, 1983 228
Man of Sorrows! What a name (Gethsemane)
Mission Praise, 2005 458
Man of sorrows, wrapped in grief (Gethsemane)
Singing the Faith, 2011 361
Man of Sorrows! What a name (Gethsemane (Bliss) (Man of sorrows))
Songs of Fellowship (Vol 1-5), 1993-2011 385
Man of Sorrows (Gethsemane)
The Covenant Hymnal, 1996 220
Man of sorrows! (Man of sorrows)
Chinese Language
生命聖詩 - Hymns of Life, 1986 130
哈利路亞,奇妙救主 (Man of Sorrows)
聖徒詩歌 - Hymnary, 1984 70
哈利路亞﹗何等救主 (Man of Sorrows)
赞美诗选编 - (1050首), 2002 52
何等救主 (Man of Sorrows)
教會聖詩 - Hymns for God's People, 1985 168
哈利路亚,奇妙救主 (Philip P. Bliss)
Hausa Language
Littafin Wakoki - Hausa (West Africa) 104
Duba dai Mai Fansarmu (Man of sorrows)
Littafin Wakoki - Hausa (West Africa) 111
Zaƃaƃƃe na Allah, shi (Man of sorrows)
Russian Language
Гимны Христиан (1994) 355
Муж Скорбей так назван Тот (P.P. Bliss)
Spanish Language
Himnario Bautista (2000) 169
Levantado fue Jesús (P.P. Bliss)

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