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Here are some more details about the hymn:
Forth in the peace of Christ we go (Angelus))

Hymnbooks that contain this hymn or tune
Hymn BookNoAlt.First Line/Tune
Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary, 1996 157
O blessed day when first was poured (Angelus)
Hymns Old & New, 2008 49
At even, ere the sun was set (Angelus)
Lutheran Service Book, 2006 831
How shall they hear, who have not heard (Angelus)
Lutheran Service Book, 2006 844
Lord of all nations, grant me grace (Angelus)
Lutheran Service Book, 2006 920
Forth in the peace, of Christ we go (Angelus)
Methodist, 1933 689
At even, ere the sun was set (Angelus)
Methodist, 1983 142
At even, when the sun was set (Angelus)
Mission Praise, 2005 43
At even, ere the sun was set (Angelus)
Singing the Faith, 2011 653
O Christ, the Healer, we have come (Angelus)
The Covenant Hymnal, 1996 476
At evening when the sun had set (Angelus)
The English Hymnal, 1933 266
At even when the sun was set (Angelus)
The Hymnal, 1940 168
At even, when the sun was set (Angelus)
The Hymnal, 1982 23
The fleeting day is nearly gone (Du Meiner Seelen)
The Presbyterian Hymnal, 1990 295
O God of love, O God of peace (Du Meiner Seelen)
Wesley's Hymns (1886) 107
The Spirit of the Lord our God (Angelus)
Wesley's Hymns (1886) 180
Saviour, I now with shame confess (Angelus)
Hausa Language
Littafin Wakoki - Hausa (West Africa) 45
Ya Yesu, muna jiranka (Angelus)
Littafin Wakoki - Hausa (West Africa) 167
Ya Allah Uba, ga ni nan (Angelus)
Hungarian Language
Baptista gyülekezeti énekeskönyv (2010) 206
Uram, a bűnöm (E. Emil)

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