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Here are some more details about the hymn:
In Your mercy, Lord (Halton Holgate))

Hymnbooks that contain this hymn or tune
Hymn BookNoAlt.First Line/Tune
Hymns Old & New, 2008 186 2 Firmly I believe and truly (Halton Holgate)
Hymns Old & New, 2008 825
Where is this stupendous stranger? (Halton Holgate)
Methodist, 1933 409
The glory of the spring how sweet (Sharon)
Methodist, 1933 868
Lord and Saviour, true and kind (Boyce (Sharon))
Methodist, 1983 655
O how blest the hour, Lord Jesus (Halton Holgate)
The Hymnal, 1982 280
God of saints, to whom the number (Halton Holgate)
The Hymnal, 1982 351
May the grace of Christ our Savior (Halton Holgate)
The Hymnal, 1982 706
In your mercy, Lord you called me (Halton Holgate)
Together in Song, 1999 140
Firmly I believe and truly (Sharon)
Together in Song, 1999 509
Come now, everlasting Spirit (Sharon)
Hungarian Language
Baptista gyülekezeti énekeskönyv (2010) 61
Jézus, népek reménysége ()
Malagasy Language
Protestant Madagascar Hymnal, 2001 637
Mahareta, mahareta, (W. Boyce)

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