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Here are some more details about the hymn:
Now lives the Lamb of God (Adoration (St. John's)))

Hymnbooks that contain this hymn or tune
Hymn BookNoAlt.First Line/Tune
Lutheran Service Book, 2006 565
Thy works, not mine, O Christ (St. John)
Methodist, 1933 58
The Lord Jehovah reigns (Adoration)
Methodist, 1983 59
The Lord Jehovah reigns (St. John (Adoration))
Methodist, 1983 109
Let earth and heaven combine (St. John (Adoration))
Methodist, 1983 217
Arise, my soul, arise (St. John (Adoration))
Methodist, 1983 386
Thou who dost rule on high (St. John (Adoration))
Singing the Faith, 2011 208
Let earth and heaven combine (St. John (Havergal))
Together in Song, 1999 117
The Lord Jehovah reigns (St. John)
Together in Song, 1999 305
Let earth and heaven combine (St. John)
Chinese Language
赞美诗选编 - (1050首), 2002 28
感谢至高神 (St. John)
Hausa Language
Littafin Wakoki - Hausa (West Africa) 121
Mai Cetonmu zai zo, misalin walƙiya (St. John)

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