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Here are some more details about the hymn:
God has not given us a spirit of fear (Lewis E. Jones))

Hymnbooks that contain this hymn or tune
Hymn BookNoAlt.First Line/Tune
Baptist Hymnal (US), 2008 225
Would you be free from your burden of sin (Lewis E. Jones)
Celebration Hymnal, 1997 329
Would you be free from your burden of sin? (Lewis E. Jones)
Chinese Language
生命聖詩 - Hymns of Life, 1986 210
寶血權能 (Power in the Blood)
聖徒詩歌 - Hymnary, 1984 91
權能是在血 (Lewis E. Jones)
赞美诗选编 - (1050首), 2002 260
权能是在血 (Lewis E.Jones)
Russian Language
Гимны Христиан (1994) 209
Грех победить о желаешь ли ты? (L.E. Jones)
Spanish Language
Himnario Bautista (2000) 170
Quieres Ser Salvo de Toda Maldad? (Lewis E. Jones)
Thai Language
เพลง เเห่ง ชืวิตตริสเตืยน (2007) 227
เชอฤทธพระโลหดพระเยซู ()

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