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Here are some more details about the hymn:
Down at the cross where my Savior died (J.H. Stockton))

Hymnbooks that contain this hymn or tune
Hymn BookNoAlt.First Line/Tune
Baptist Hymnal (US), 2008 252
Down at the Vross (Glory to His name)
Celebration Hymnal, 1997 493
Down at the cross where my Savior died (Glory to His Name)
Cambodian Language
Khmer Christian Hymnal in Cambodian (2002) 18
Glory to His Name (J.H. Stockton)
Chinese Language
生命聖詩 - Hymns of Life, 1986 84
榮耀歸主名 (Glory to His Name)
讚美詩-The New Hymnal, 1983 40
荣耀归主名歌 (Glory to His name)
赞美诗选编 - (1050首), 2002 256
莫非就是你 (Glory to His name)
赞美诗选编 - (1050首), 2002 278
荣耀归主名 (Glory to His name)
赞美诗选编 - (1050首), 2002 392
的话 (Glory to His name)
赞美诗选编 - (1050首), 2002 963
人生在世 (Glory to His name)
教會聖詩 - Hymns for God's People, 1985 185
在十架上 (John H. Stockton)
Korean Language
찬송과예배 - Come, Let Us Worship (2002) 277
구주의 십자가 보혈로 (Glory to His Name)
Russian Language
Гимны Христиан (1994) 205
Там где Один пострадал за всех (J.H. Stockton)
Spanish Language
Himnario Bautista (2000) 458
Junto a la Cruz (John H. Stockton)
Thai Language
เพลง เเห่ง ชืวิตตริสเตืยน (2007) 168
จงสรรเสรึญพระนาม ()

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