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Song list - starting letter Y
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Ye choirs of new Jerusalem, Montesano
Ye Christian heralds, go, proclaim, Missionary Chant
Ye clouds and darkness, hosts of night, Gaude, Regina Gloriae
Ye faithful souls who Jesus know, Festus
Ye gates, lift up your heads, St. George`s Edinburgh
Ye holy angels bright, Darwall
Ye righteous, in the Lord rejoice, Frances
Ye servants of God, your Master proclaim, Hanover
Ye servants of God, your Master proclaim, Laudate Dominum
Ye servants of God, your Master proclaim, Lyons
Ye servants of God, your Master proclaim, Paderborn
Ye that do your Master's will, Truro (Miller)
Ye watchers and ye holy ones, Lasst Uns Erfreuen
Ye who claim the faith of Jesus, Den Des Vaters Sinn Geboren
Years I spent in vanity and pride, Calvary
Years of time have come and gone, Gordon Jensen ©
Yes, God is good in earth and sky, Daniel
Yes, God is good - in earth and sky, Williams
Yes, power belongs to you, O Lord, Colin Preston ©
Yesterday, today, forever, Jesus is the same (Chorus), Nyack
Yesterday, today, forever, Jesus is the same (Hymn), J. H. Burke
Yesu, Yesu, fill us with Your love, Chereponi
Yield not to temptation, Palmer
You are beautiful beyond description, M. Altrogge ©
You are crowned with many crowns, J. Sellers ©
You are God (Te Deum Laudamus), R.W. Hillert ©
You are great, God, Kovats Lajos
You are Lord of creation, We Bow Down ©
You are love, You are life, Hallowed be Thy name ©
You are my God, You are my King, Macon Delavan ©
You are my hiding place, M. Ledner ©
You are my strength, Jernigan ©
You are powerful, o Lord Jehovah, C. Malan
You are salt for the earth, O people, M. Haugen ©
You are strength when I am weak, Jernigan ©
You are the centre, you are my life, Margaret Rizza ©
You are the Christ, O Lord, Wyngate Canon ©
You are the King of glory, M. Ford ©
You are the mighty King, Eddie Espinosa ©
You are the vine, Daniels/Rigby ©
You are with me , J.C. Bach
You are worthy, John D. Lawtum ©
You are worthy, You are worthy, P.M. Mills ©
You became the Mighty Father's children, Danish Hymn
You called me, I'm going, English Melody
You came from heaven a great light, Th. Clark
You can't stop rain from falling down, J. Larson ©
You chose the Cross with every breath, Martyn Layzell ©
You did not wait for me, M. Altrogge ©
You did this mighty deed, Oh! Christ God's son, Pantyfedwen ©
You gave us, Lord, by word and deed, Rivaulx
You give rest to the weary, Nathan Fellingham ©
You have all power, J. Vitols
You have longed for sweet peace, E.A. Hoffman
You holy angels bright, Darwall
You Know the Way, Russian Composer
You laid aside your majesty, Noel Richards ©
You, living Christ, our eyes behold, Palace Green ©
You, Lord, are in this place, Keith Duke ©
You may have the joybells, W.J. Kirkpatrick
You must be born again, P. Nilsen-Lund
You, O Father, ordain, P. Ramilison
You raise me up, R. Lovland & B. Graham ©
You said You'd come and share all my sorrows, Marsha Stevens ©
You satisfy the hungry heart, R.E. Kreutz ©
You servants of God, your Master proclaim, Laudate Dominum
You shall go out with joy, S. Dauermann ©
You showed us mercy, Ian Worsfold ©
You, the resurrected Son of God, Severus Gastorius
You the world, Christ the hope, Mora Proctor ©
You were there in the beginning, Nathan Fellingham ©
You who are free, acclaim the Saviour, L.M. Linderman
You, who are sorrowful, Old St. Company, 76
You who dwell in the shelter of the Lord, Eagles' wings (Joncas) ©
You will see your Lord a-coming, arr. W. Hooper
Your arm, O Lord, in days of old, St. Matthew
Your cause be mine, great Lord divine, Richmond Beach ©
Your coming, Lord to earth in Bethlehem, Grace ©
Your Cross, O Jesu, our Lord, J. Foster
Your kingdom, O God, Glorious Treasure ©
Your laws, Father Jehovah, Ranaivo-Rajerimanana
Your little ones now come to You, J.A.P. Schulz
Your Lord is waiting for You, N. Rabenimanana
Your love is amazing, Brenton Brown & Brian Doerksen ©
Your love is to me, Richard Taylor ©
Your love, O God, has called us here, Wareham
Your Love, O God, is broad, Guds Karlek ©
Your love's greater, Mike Anderson ©
Your loving heart on Golgotha, Ch. Rasoanaivo
Your only Son, no sin to hide, Lamb of God ©
Your people implores You, O Lord, A. Bost
Your servant is blessed, O Jesus, M. Russell
Your servants are very happy, Plaistow, 67
Your Supper, O God, Reynolds ©
Your Word, O Lord, is gentle dew, Af Himlens
Your Words and Your Spirit, P. Nilsen-Lund
Your words to me are life and health, Capel
Your World Today, El Dorado ©
You're calling us, G. Kendrick ©
You're my brother, R. & T. Taff ©
You're the Word of God the Father, Townsend/Getty ©
Yours, Lord, is the greatness, Helen Thomas ©

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