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Face to face with Christ my Savior, G.C. Tullar
Fair waved the golden corn, Selma
Faith of our fathers, St. Catherine
Faith, while trees are still in blossom, Kingdom ©
Faithful vigil ended, Faithful Vigil ©
Far dearer than all that the, Calvary Covers it
Father all loving, thou rulest, Was Lebet
Father God in heaven, Kum Ba Yah
Father, hear the prayer we offer, Sussex
Father in Heaven, grant to Your, Philippines (Halad)
Father, in high heaven dwelling, Evening Hymn
Father, Lead me day, Orientis Partibus (St. Martin)
Father, lead me day by day, Supplication
Father, let Thy kingdom, Da Christus Geboren War
Father, let Thy kingdom come, Ephraim
Father most holy, merciful and, Charters (Angers)
Father most holy, merciful and, Christe du Beistand
Father of all, whose laws have stood, St. Matthias
Father of everlasting grace, Ascendit Deus
Father of everlasting grace, Stamford
Father of heaven, whose love profound, Rivaulx
Father of Jesus Christ, my Lord, Solomon
Father of mercies, in Your Word, Abergele
Father of mercies, in Your Word, Arden
Father of peace, and God of love, Caithness
Father of peace, and God of Love, St. Paul
Father, sending Your anointed Son to, St. Andrew
Father, 'twas Thy love that, Philip Paul Bliss
Father, we adore You, lay our lives, T. Coelho ©
Father, we thank Thee who, Les Commandemens de Dieu
Father, whate'er of earthly bliss, Lystra
Father, who on man dost shower, Charing
Father, whose everlasting love, Melcombe
Father, your church with thankfulness, Collingwood
Fierce raged the tempest o'er the, St. Aelred
Fight the good fight, Job
Fight the good fight with all thy might, Pentecost
Fill all my vision, Saviour, I pray, H. Hammontree ©
Fill Thou my life, O Lord my God, Lloyd
Fill Thou my life, O Lord my God, St. Fulbert
Filled with the Spirit's power, Chilswell
First the blood, then anointing, Albert B. Simpson
Fling out the banner!, Palmarum
Following Jesus, ever day by day, M.E. Upham
For all the saints, Sine Nomine
For all the saints, O Lord, who, Mount Ephraim
For clear sunshine and gentle, I ti, O dad, diolchwn
For ever with the Lord, Llanllyfni
For me the Lord was crucified,
For me to live is, Christus, Der Ist Mein Leben
For the beauty of the earth, Dix
For the beauty of the earth, England`s Lane
For the beauty of the earth, Lucerna Laudoniae ©
For the beauty of the earth, Noricum
For the might of thine arm, Tanworth
For the might of Thine arm we, Mountain Christians
For those we love within the veil, Gaza
For thy dear saints, O Lord, St. George
Forever with the Lord!, Nearer Home
Forgive them, O my Father, St. Mary Magdalene
Forgive us, O Lord Jesus, Unknown (English Hymn)
Forth in Thy Name, O Lord, I go, Pixham
Forty days and forty nights, Buckland
Forty days and forty nights, Heinlein
Forward! be our watchword, Rachie
Free from the law, oh, happy condition, P.P. Bliss
Freedom and life are ours, Strength to strength
From all that dwell below the, Illsley (Bishop)
From death I've been saved , Unknown
From glory to glory advancing, Sheen
From glory to glory He's changing me, Unknown
From heaven above to earth I come, Vom Himmel Hoch
From mountain heights and, For all these things ©
From the falter of breath, Iona Boat Song
From Thee all skill and science flow, Albano
From Thee all skill and science flow, Belgrave
Full Salvation!, CWM Rhondda