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Nature glows with colours rare, Ji Le Yin
Nature with open volume stands, Cannock ©
Naught have I gotten but what I, D.B. Towner
Nearer, my God, to Thee, American
Nearer My God to Thee, Bethany
Nearer, my God, to thee, Horbury
Nearer, still nearer, C.H. Morris
Neath the cross of my Savior, Anonymous
Neath the stars of the night, B.B. McKinney
Neither death, nor life nor angels, Marty Haugen ©
Never be sad or desponding, Affan Sankey
Never further than Thy Cross, Cross
Never in all human story, Bethlehem
Never Will I Forget nor Forsake, Russian Composer
New every morning is the love, Daniel Batchellor
New every morning is the love, Kedron
New songs of celebration render, Rendez a Dieu
Night of peace: hail the holy Child, Daniel C. Damon ©
No blood, no altar now, Horatius Bonar
No, not despairingly, Kedron (Spratt)
No, not despairingly, St. Werburgh
No one understands like Jesus, J.W. Peterson ©
No other name, but the name of Jesus, Robert Gay ©
No weapon formed, Tom Dowell ©
No wind at the window, Columcille
Nobody will reach the heaven, P. Nilsen-Lund
Noel is coming again, Wm. Stevenson
None is like Jeshurun's God, Jeshurun
None other Lamb, none other Name, All Hallows
Nor silver nor gold hath obtained, D.B. Towner
Not always on the mount may we, Oneonta
Not far beyond the sea, nor high above, Cornwall
Not far beyond the sea, nor high, Manna (Schicht)
Not for our sins alone, Frilford
Not I, but Christ, Albert B. Simpson
Not I, but Christ, be honored, loved,, Bolton
Not now, but in the coming years, J. McGranahan
Not the powerful, not the privileged, Pedigree ©
Nothing Between, C.A. Tindley
Nothing between, Lord, James Mountain
Nothing can trouble, Jacques Berthier ©
Nothing is impossible, Eugene L. Clarke ©
Now before you, Lord, we gather, Montclair
Now dawns the Sun of righteousness, Graham Kendrick ©
Now from the altar of my heart, Naomi
Now I have found the ground wherein, Anchor
Now I have found the ground, Madrid (Matthews)
Now I see, my friend, Jesu is the, H. Lutteroth
Now I see, my friend, Jesu is, Sunday School Union
Now in the days of youth, Corona
Now is the healing time decreed, Jena
Now let us see Thy beauty, Lord, Edgware
Now let us see Your beauty, Lord, Kilmarnock
Now may He, who from the dead, Vienna
Now, my heart is so delighted, L.M. Lindeman
Now once again for help that never faileth, Welwyn
Now praise we great and famous men, Brynhyfryd
Now sweeps a song of solemn joy, Ira Bishop Wilson
Now thank we all our God, Nun Danket
Now that the daylight fills the, Herr Jesu Christ
Now the day is over, Merrial
Now the laborer's task is o'er, Pax
Now the labourer's task is, Requiescat
Now the, Pressburg (Nicht So Traurig)
Now the light has gone away, Mude Bin Ich
Now think over, I.D. Sankey
Now to the Lord a noble song, Newcastle (Matthias) ©
Now unto Him who is able (Benediction), O. Wood ©
Now unto Him who is able keep, David Morris ©
Now unto him who is able to keep, R.E. Mortishire
Now yield we, Darmstadt (Was Frag Ich Nach Der Welt)