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I am a new creation, D. Bilbrough ©
I am a stranger here, F.H. Cassel
I am a wounded soldier, Danny Daniels ©
I am coming to the cross, William Gustavus Fischer
I am content! My Jesus ever lives, Es Ist Genug
I am crucified with Christ, John G. Elliott ©
I am crucified with Jesus, Albert B. Simpson
I am dwelling on the mountain, William B. Bradbury
I am far away, the evening is now, L.M. Lindeman
I am happy today, J. Edwin McConnell
I am Jesus' little, Weil Ich Jesu Schaflein Bin
I am not mine own, Chris Bowater ©
I am not skilled to understand, Ewhurst
I am not skilled to understand, Keston
I am not skilled to understand, W.J. Kirkpatrick
I am not worthy, holy Lord, Leicester
I am resolved no longer to linger, J.H. Fillmore
I am saved from my sin, L.E. Jones
I am so glad that Jesus loves me, P. Bliss
I am so happy in Christ today, Sewell
I am the Bread of Life, Suzanne Toolan ©
I am the bread, the bread life, Picket Wood ©
I am the God that healeth thee, Don Moen ©
I am Thine, O Lord, W. H. Doane
I am thinking today, J.R. Sweney
I am trusting in You, A. & B. Silver ©
I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus, Bullinger
I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus, Cuttle Mills
I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus, Trust
I am walking everyday with Jesus, B.D. Ackley
I am weak but Thou art strong, Closer walk
I am Your little one, F.J. Haydn
I ask not for the highest place, Jacksonville
I asked the Lord to comfort me, J. Lange & J. Duncan ©
I believe in Jesus, Marc Nelson ©
I believe there is a God in heaven, Dave Bilbrough ©
I belong to the King, J. L. Hall
I bless the Christ of God, Shere
I bow in silence at Thy feet, Erskine
I bow my knee before Your throne, B. Deuschie ©
I bring my sins to Thee, Carinthia
I bring my sins to Thee, Philip P. Bliss
I came to Jesus, weary, worn and, Margaret J. Harris
I can hear my Saviour calling, Norris
I can only imagine, Bart Millard ©
I can sing now the song, R. Kelson Carter
I cannot breathe enough of Thee, Mrs Lewis S. Chafer
I cannot count your blessings, Lord, Phil Rogers ©
I cannot tell why He Whom angels, Londonderry Air
I cast all my cares upon You, Cares Chorus ©
I choose Thee, blessed will of, Kenneth Mackenzie
I come, O Saviour, to Thy Table, Ich Strebe Taglich
I come, the Great Redeemer cries, This Endris Nyght
I come to the garden alone, Garden
I come with joy, a child of God, St. Botolph ©
I confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, Chris Bowater ©
I could not do without Thee, Magdalena
I danced in the morning when the, Lord of the dance ©
I dared not hope thatThou wouldst deign, Nachtlied
I delight greatly in the Lord, Chris Bowater ©
I desire, O Jesu, to be like Thee, Sullivan(578)
I desire, O Jesu, to be like Thee, Sullivan
I don't know about tomorrow, Ira F. Stanphill ©
I don't want anything, O Lord, J. Hughes
I feel the coming of the morning, M.B. Gyllenhaal
I found the good way, Congregational Hymnary
I gave my life for thee, Kenosis
I get so excited, Lord, Mick Ray ©
I give all my service to You, Larnelle Harris ©
I give You all the honour, C. Tuttle ©
I grieved the Lord, B.D. Ackley
I had a dream that I, A. Piercy & C.S. de Whalley ©
I have a destiny I know I shall, Mark Altrogge ©
I have a dream, a man once said, He comes to us ©
I have a Friend so precious, H.P. Main
I have a friend so precious, May A. Stephens
I have a Friend whose faithful love, Anon
I have a future all sublime, Min Framtidsdag
I have a maker, T. Walker ©
I have a Saviour, He died for me, R. Harkness
I have a Saviour - He's pleading, I.D. Sankey
I have a song I love to sing, Othello
I have a song that Jesus gave me, E.M. Roth
I have decided to follow Jesus, Assam
I have found a deep peace, Wonderful Lord
I have found a friend in Jesus, W.S. Hays
I have found His grace is all complete, Anderson
I have reached the fountain, Ira D. Sankey
I hear a sound coming from, H. Gustafson ©
I hear my risen Savior say, Anonymous
I hear the Saviour say, All to Christ
I hear the sound of rustling, Ronnie Wilson ©
I hear the sound of the army of the Lord, Dave Moody ©
I hear Thy welcome voice, L. Hartsough
I hear Your call, O Lord, D. Ranoason
I heard a sound of voices, Patmos (Storer)
I heard an old, old story, Hartford
I heard the bells on Christmas day, Waltham
I heard the sound of voices, Gresham
I heard the voice of Jesus say, Kingsfold
I heard the voice of Jesus say, Vox Dilecti
I hoped that with the brave and strong, Cripplegate
I hunger and I thirst, Dolomite Chant
I hunger and I thirst, Ibstone
I just want to praise You, A. Tannous ©
I know a fount where sins are washed away, O. Clarke
I know a rose-tree springing, Rosa Mystica
I Know God Loves Me, Russian Composer
I know He rescued my soul, R. Morgan ©
I Know Not How That Bethlehem's, Earl E. Harper
I know not why God's wondrous, J. McGranahan
I know of a Name, a beautiful Name, M.J. Camp
I know that my Redeemer, Cruger
I know that my Redeemer lives, Bradford
I know that my Redeemer lives, Church Triumphant
I know that my Redeemer lives!, Duke Street
I know that my Redeemer lives, Philippine
I know that my Redeemer lives, Torquay
I Know That My Redeemer Liveth, George Stebbins
I know that my Redeemer liveth, J.H. Fillmore
I know the Lord will make a way for, Haldor Lillenas
I know who holds the future, Albert B. Smith
I lay down my life for your, brother, R. Ridings ©
I lay in Zion, for a foundation, Cornerstone ©
I lay my sins on Jesus, Crucifix
I lay my sins on Jesus, Munich
I lay my sins on Jesus, Prysgol
I lift my eyes to the quiet hills, Baughen/Crocker ©
I lift my eyes up to the mountains, Brian Doerksen ©
I lift my hands, I raise my hands, Eddie Espinosa ©
I lift my hands to the coming King, Andre Kempen ©
I live, I live because He is risen, R. Cook ©
I look not back, O Salla Land
I look to the hills, Greg Leavers ©
I looked up and I saw my Lord a-coming, M. Butler ©
I love Him, because He first loved me, Unknown
I love my Lord, David G. Wilson ©
I love the Name of Jesus, Kathleen Thomerson ©
I love Thee, Jeremiah Ingall
I love Thee, Lord, James Mountain
I Love Thy Kingdom Lord, Russian Composer
I love to hear the story, Angels` Story
I love to praise Him, Jennifer Randolph ©
I love to sing endlessly, Me Agrada Cantar
I love to tell the story, Eaton Square (Hankey)
I love to think, though I am young, Newbury
I love you Lord, and I lift my voice, L. Klein ©
I love You, my Jesus, Emmanuel Naidenov
I love you, O Lord, you alone, Jane ©
I loved the badness, Avy S. Stanley
I met the good Shepherd, St. Wilfrid
I must have the Saviour with me, J. R. Sweney
I must needs go home by the way, Charles H. Gabriel
I must tell Jesus, Orwigsburg
I need Jesus, my need I now confess, C.H. Gabriel
I need the prayers of those I love, J. D. Vaughan
I need Thee every hour, Need
I offer my body to You, O my Father, H.P. Main
I pledge allegiance to the Lamb, Ray Boltz ©
I praised the earth, in beauty seen, Carey
I ran away from You for a long time, O, G.C. Hugg
I really remember, J. Andriamasinoro
I receive You, O Spirit, John Lai ©
I receive your love, P. Armstrong ©
I regret, O Holy Father, J. Ramala
I rejoiced when I heard them say, B. Farrell ©
I remember when my burden rolled, Minnie A. Steele
I rest in God alone, John Daniels ©
I saw the Cross of Jesus, Whitfield
I say good bye, Pilgrimsonger 1859
I see perfection, Chris Eaton ©
I serve a risen Saviour, Ackley ©
I shall see the King where the angels, B.D. Ackley
I should like to speak to You, Joy Webb ©
I sing a new song, C. Tuttle & J. Wimber ©
I sing of Thee, O blessed Christ, Gladys B. Muller ©
I sing the almighty power of God, London New
I sing the mighty power of God, Ellacombe
I sing the mighty power of God, Varina
I sing with joy and gladness, Joyful Pilgrim
I stand amazed in the presence, C.H. Gabriel
I stand before the presence, Mavis Ford ©
I strayed and my heart became dirty, Swedish Song
I take my portion from Thy hand, Anon
I the Lord of sea and sky, Here I am Lord ©
I think of that star of long ago, Betlehems StJarna
I think when I read that sweet story, Athens
I think when I read that sweet story of, East Hordon
I think when I read that sweet story of old, Luke
I thirst, thou wounded Lamb of God, Beloit
I thirsted in the barren land, John W. Peterson ©
I travelled alone upon this, Ira F. Stanphill ©
I trust in thee, O Lord, M. Warrington ©
I vow to thee, my country, Thaxted
I wandered in the shades of night, W.S. Weeden
I wandered so aimless, life filled, Hank Williams Sr
I want a principle within, Gerald
I want Jesus to walk with, African American spirtual
I want the Spirit of power within, Lusatia
I want to learn to appreciate you, John Kennett ©
I want to see your face, Ruth Hooke ©
I want to serve you, O Lord, Chris Rolinson ©
I want to thank you, Colin Waller ©
I want to walk with Jesus Christ all, Swiss Melody
I Was a Wand'ring Sheep, Lebanon
I was lost in sin, but Jesus rescued me, Brock
I was on your mind, Mick Dalton ©
I was once a sinner, but I came, C.A. Miles
I was presented in front of the Lord, Swedish Melody
I was sinking deep in sin, H.E. Smith
I was weak and weary, Johnny Lange ©
I watch expectant of the distant mountains, Degannwy
I watch the sunrise lighting the sky, John Glynn ©
I will bless the Lord, Hernandez ©
I will bless Thee, O Lord, Esther Watanabe ©
I will build my Church, Graham Kendrick ©
I will call upon the Lord, O'Shields ©
I will come and bow down, Nystrom ©
I will enter His gates with, L. Von Brethorst ©
I will follow Thee, my Saviour, Lawson
I will give thanks to thee, Be Exalted ©
I will give you praise, Tommy Walker ©
I will lift my eyes, Psalm121 ©
I will magnify thy Name, Scott Palazzo ©
I will meet you in the morning, Albert E. Brumley ©
I will meet you in the morning, I.G. Martin
I will not let Thee go, Tenax
I will offer up my life, M. Redman ©
I will pray the Father, Jesus said, He Has Come
I will rejoice, I will rejoice, David Fellingham ©
I will rejoice in you, Anonymous
I will serve Thee because I love Thee, W.J. Gaither ©
I will sing about your love, Phil Potter ©
I will sing, I will sing a song unto the, M Dyer ©
I will sing in the morning, Llys Aeron
I will sing of Jesus' love, F.E. Belden
I will sing of the mercies of the Lord, Unknown
I will sing the wondrous story, Bilhorn
I will sing the wondrous story, Hyfrydol
I will sing unto the Lord as long as, Donya Brockway ©
I will speak out, Bankhead, Goudie, Rinaldi & Basset ©
I will throw my burden down altogether, Tyddewi
I will wait upon the Lord, Andy Silver ©
I will worship, D. Ruis ©
I wish to go back home, O. Ahnfelt
I with Thee would begin, W.T. Soderberg
I would be, dear Savior, wholly Thine, F.E. Belden
I would be true, for there are those who trust, Peek
I would commune with Thee, my God, St. Frances
I'd like to be with You, Jesu, Catholic hymn
I'd rather have Jesus, George Beverly Shea ©
If asked whereon I rest my claim, Salighetsgrund
If from the right course I, Francois H. Barthelemon
If I gained the world, Swedish Melody
If I have wounded any soul today, Evening Prayer
If I walk in the pathway of duty, Wm. E. Marks
If I were a butterfly, Brian Howard ©
If Jehovah does not, Ratovondrahety Rafihavanana
If my people who bear my Name, Graham Kendrick ©
If on a quiet sea, Selvin
If the Lord came today, I.D. Sankey
If the path I travel, Traditional German Melody
If the unhappiness is hard, Ch. Rasoanaivo
If thou but, Nicht Das Ich's Schon Ergriffen
If we only seek peace, Susan Sayers ©
If with all your hearts ye truly, Felix Mendelssohn
If you are oppressed, Ratany
If you are tired of the load of your, McConnelsville
If you believe and I believe, Zimbabwe
If you but trust, Wer Nur Den Lieben Gott (Neumark)
If you from sin are longing to be free, J.M. Black
If you see your brother, B. Austin & C. Sapaugh ©
I'll Be So Glad, Anonymous
I'll go in the strength of the, Ivor Bosanko ©
I'll praise my Maker while I've, Dresden
I'll praise my Maker while I've, Monmouth
I'll praise my maker while I've, Old 113th
I'll say yes, Lord, Lynn Keesecker ©
I'll sing of the wonderful, Albert B. Simpson
I'll tell the world that I'm a, Tucker ©
I'll wait in the shadow of my God, Edom
Illuminate my heart, Jesus, E.J. Bellerby
I'm a pilgrim and a stranger, My Father Knows
I'm accepted, I'm forgiven, Rob Hayward ©
I'm black, I'm white, Chris Tambling ©
I'm but a stranger here, St. Edmund (Sullivan)
I'm but a stranger here, Heaven is my home, Oak
I'm confident of this very thing, Anonymous
I'm kind of homesick for a country, Parsons ©
I'm not ashamed to own my Lord, Jackson
I'm not ashamed to own my Lord, R.E. Hudson
I'm not ashamed to own my Lord, Tiverton
I'm pressing on the upward way, C.H. Gabriel
I'm redeemed, yes I am, Tony Humphries ©
I'm satisfied with just a, Ira F. Stanphill ©
I'm so glad I'm a part of, Family of God ©
I'm so glad, Jesus lifted me, Camp Kirkland
I'm trading my sorrows, Darrell Evans ©
Immanuel, O Immanuel, G. Kendrick ©
Immeasurable God of providence, Hosanna
Immortal, invisible, God only wise, St. Denio
Immortal Love, for ever full, Serenity
Immortal Love, for ever full, Stracathro
In a byre near Bethlehem, Wild Mountain Thyme
In a Mock Purple Arrayed, Russian Composer
In a time of trouble, Hiding Place ©
In a world of fear and turmoil, W.J. Gaither ©
In Adam we have all been, The Saint's Delight
In Bethlehem a new-born boy, In Bethlehem
In bread we bring You, Lord our, K. Nichols ©
In Christ alone my hope is found, K. Getty ©
In Christ there is no East or West, Bourne
In Christ there is no east or west, McKee
In fancy I stood by the shore, Lelia N. Morris
In full and glad surrender, St. Alphege
In full and glad surrender, St. Victor
In God, my faithful God, Auf Meinen Lieben Gott
In great thanksgiving, O Love Divine, Malate ©
In heaven above, Hauge
In heavenly armour we'll, J. Owens-Collins ©
In heavenly love abiding, Penlan
In heavenly love abiding, Seasons (Mendelssohn)
In Him we live and move, Randy Speir ©
In His time, Diane Ball ©
In Jesus' palace, L.M. Linderman
In Jordan's stream , John W. Peterson ©
In Lord Jehovah I trust, H.O.C. Zinck
In loving kindness Jesus came, C.C. Gabriel
In memory of the Saviour's love, Salzburg
In moments like these, Graham ©
In my heart there rings - Jesus, Jesus, Roth/Unknown
In my life, Lord be glorified, B. Kilpatrick ©
In my need Jesus found me, G. Brattle ©
In our day of, St. Catherine's Court
In our dear Lord's garden, Castle Eden
In our work and in our play, Ashburton
In Paradise reposing, Hambridge
In Revelation two and three, Robert A. Schumann
In shady green pastures, so rich and, God leads us
In suffering love the thread of life, Walsall
In tenderness He sought me, A.J. Gordon
In the beginning God played with the, David Lee ©
In the Beloved accepted am I, Wendell P. Loveless
In the bleak mid-winter, Cranham
In the blood from the cross, Deeper Yet
In the breaking of bread, Emmaus ©
In the circle of each home, Bel Air ©
In the Cross of Christ I Glory, Rathbun
In the Cross of Christ I Glory, St. Oswald
In the Cross of Christ I glory, Wychbold
In the dark of the midnight, Lister ©
In the darkness of the still night, Margaret Rizza ©
In the desert were many, Consecration et Louange
In the fields near Bethlehem, Yenching
In the harvest field now ripened, Mrs F.W. Suffield
In the heart of Jesus, C.H. Forrest
In the heaven, in the heaven, L.M. Lindeman
In the heaven will be happy, G. Ruud
In the heaven will be happy, Unknown
In the hour of my distress, Holy Comfort
In the hour of trial, Jesus, Penitence
In the land of strangers, Ira D. Sankey
In the little village of Bethlehem, Neidlinger
In the Name of Jesus, Unknown
In the presence of Your people, B. Chambers ©
In the resurrection morning, J.E. Thomas
In the rifted Rock I'm resting, W.W. Bentley
In the Shameful Cross, Vergonzosa Cruz
In the Silent Midnight Watches, George F. Root
In the stars His handiwork I see, Woodland Hills ©
In the tomb so cold, Graham Kendrick ©
In the Word of God I found it, Anon
In Thee is gladness, In Dir Ist Freude
In Thee, Lord, we rejoice, Pant-Gwyn
In these, the closing days of time, Liliuokalani
In this very room, R. & C. Harris ©
In Thy presence, Mike Kerry ©
In You, Lord, I have, In Dich Hab' Ich Gehoffet
In your temple courts, O Father, Lammets Folk
Infant Holy, Infant lowly, Infant Holy
Into a world of dark, Higham Lane ©
Into my heart, Harry D. Clarke ©
Into the darkness of the world, Maggi Dawn ©
Into the heart of Jesus, O.J. Smith
Into Thy presence we come, Unknown
Is there a heart o'erbound by sorrow, Anxiety
Is there a heart that is waiting, W.H. Doane
Is there any one can help us, J.B. Mackay
Is this the Church of our, A. Horrobin & S. Poxon ©
Is your burden heavy, Ralph Carmichael ©
Is your life a channel of blessings, H.G. Smith
Isn't He Wonderful, Anonymous
It came upon a midnight clear, Carol
It came upon a midnight clear, Noel
It fell upon a summer day, Childhood
It is a good thing to give, Judy H. Montemayor ©
It is a thing most wonderful, Brookfield
It is a thing most wonderful, Herongate
It is finished! Christ, Jesu Meines Glaubens Zier
It is finished! Christ hath known, Sebastian
It is God who trains my hands for, Dale Garratt ©
It is good to sing Thy praises, Ellesdie
It is night, Old St. Company
It is the cry of my heart, Terry Butler ©
It may be at morn, when the day is, J. McGranahan
It may not be on the, C.E. Rounsefell
It only takes a spark, K. Kaiser ©
It passeth knowledge, Ephesian
It rained on the earth forty days, Janna ©
It was for me the Savior died, Myrtle Bates
It was on a starry night, Joy Web ©
It will be worth it all, Esther K. Rusthoi ©
It's a happy day, and I praise God, G. Pfeiffer ©
It's a lovely, lovely Name, Unknown
It's a new and living way, Unknown
It's me, it's me, it's me,, Spiritual
It's no longer I that liveth, Sally Ellis ©
It's not an easy road, John W. Peterson ©
It's your blood, Michael Christ ©
I've a message from the Lord, W.A. Ogden
I've come to wash my soul, Graham Kendrick ©
I've found a Friend, O such a Friend, Constance
I've found a Friend, Oh, such a Friend!, Friend
I've found a friend who is all, J.P. Scholfield
I've found a refuge from, Lance B. Latham
I've got peace like a river, Spiritual
I've had many tears and sorrows, A. Crouch ©
I've reached the land of corn and, J.R. Sweney
I've seen the lightning flashing, Unknown
I've turned my back upon, Florence M. Hoffman
I've wandered far away from God, W. Kirkpatrick