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Gabriel's message does away, Angelus Emittitur
Gather around, for the table is, Skye Boat song
Gazing on the Lord in Glory, J. C. Bitthauer
Gentle Jesus, meek and mild, Innocents
Gentle Mary laid her, Tempus Adest Floridum
Gentle Mary laid her child, Weimar (Vulpius)
Gentle Shepherd, W.J. Gaither ©
Gifts of bread and wine, McCann ©
Give me a heart, Gillian Hutchinson ©
Give me a passion for souls, dear Lord, F.L. Fellers
Give me a pure heart, Ph. Razafindraraoty
Give me a sweet sleep, G. Ramiarison
Give me oil in my lamp, keep me, Sing Hosanna
Give me peace, O Lord, E. White ©
Give me the faith which can remove, Giessen
Give me the faith which can, Mount Sion (Pleyel)
Give me the wings of faith to rise, Mylon
Give me thy heart, says the Father, W.J. Kirkpatrick
Give of your best to the Master, C.A. Barnard
Give praise and glory unto God, Elbing
Give Praise to God, Loor
Give thanks, Lischer (Das Lieben Bringt Groß Freud)
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good , Mark Hayes ©
Give thanks to the Lord our God and King, C. Tomlin ©
Give thanks with a grateful heart, H. Smith ©
Give up the world, Christ to obtain, Anon
Give us, O God, the grace to see, Solothurn (Swiss)
Give us the wings of faith to rise, Song 67
Give us thy guidance, Dolfor
Giving it all to You, Geraldine Latty ©
Gladness, gladness, never-ending, E. Gebhardt
Gloria, gloria, in excelsis Deo, Mike Anderson ©
Glorious Father, we exalt You, Danny Reed ©
Glorious things of Thee are spoken, Austria
Glory be to God, Creator, Renewed ©
Glory be to God on high, Hatfield
Glory be to God the Father, Corfe Mullen
Glory be to God the Father, Gloria Patri (Greatorex)
Glory be to God the Father, Worcester (Whinfield)
Glory be to Jesus, Boundary
Glory be to the Father, Greatorex
Glory be to the Father, Mieneke
Glory Day, O Holy Night
Glory, everlasting glory, Unknown
Glory, glory, glory to the Lamb, Dempsey ©
Glory, glory in the highest, Danny Daniels ©
Glory, honour, praise and power, Martin Madan
Glory to God, glory to God, Jim Strathdee ©
Glory to God in the highest, Greg Leavers ©
Glory to God in the highest, William Bradbury
Glory to God, whose Spirit draws, Samson
Glory to our boundless God, Lucerna Laudoniae
Glory to the King of kings, G. Bullock ©
Glory to the Lamb, Binion ©
Glory to thee, my God, this night, Tallis` Canon
Go forth and tell! O Church of of God, Go Forth ©
Go forward to be really the conqueror, F. Ambresin
Go free in the name of Jesus, D. Ingles ©
Go out, my heart, and seek, Geh' Aus, Mein Herz
Go, tell it on the mountain, Go Tell it
Go to dark Gethsemane, Ajalon/Redhead/Petra
Go to Dark Gethsemane, James Montgomery
Go to dark Gethsemane, Llyfnant
Go to the world! Go into all the world, Hurley Green ©
God almighty, in Thy temple, Pilgrimage
God Almighty, we adore You, England
God be in my head, H.W. Davis
God be in my head, Lytlington
God be with you till we meet again, Randolph
God be with you till we meet again, W.G. Tomer
God bless Africa, T. Huddleston
God, bless those who listen, Union
God calling yet: shall I not hear?, Die Helle Sonn
God came among us, Marilyn Baker ©
God can do anything, Ira F. Stanphill ©
God forgave my sin in Jesus' name, C. Owens ©
God from on high has heard, St. Cecilia
God give us Christians homes!, Christian Home
God has blotted them out, Unknown
God has given us a Book full of, The story of Jesus
God has not given us a spirit of, Lewis E. Jones
God has spoken by His prophets, Arfon
God has spoken by His prophets, Deerhurst
God has spoken to His people, Willard Jabusch ©
God hath not promised skies, William M. Runyan
God Himself is with us, Tysk
God holds the key to all unknown, Stebbins
God in heaven hath a treasure, Annie F. Harrison
God in His love for us, Douglas J. Coombes ©
God in my living, there in my breathing, Tim Hughes ©
God is a Name my, Deus Tuorum Militum (Grenoble)
God is ascended up on high, German 16th Cent
God is building a house, Anon
God is gone up on high, Dudley
God is good all the time!, D Moen & P Overstreet ©
God is good, God is great, A.J. Price ©
God is good, we sing and shout it, Graham Kendrick ©
God is good; we come before Him, Wraysbury
God is here, and that to bless us, John R. Sweney
God is hope and God is now!, Retirement
God is in His, Arnsberg/ Groningen/ Wunderbarer
God is love: His mercy brightens, Unser Herrscher
God is love: His the, Theodoric (Personent Hodie)
God is love, let heaven adore Him, Abbot`s Leigh ©
God is moving by His Spirit, L.C. Hall ©
God is my refuge , God is my refuge ©
God is my Rock, Fuerza ©
God is not man that He should lie, Anonymous
God is so good, Anon
God is still on the throne, Mrs. F.W. Suffield
God Is the Fountain Whence, Gerar
God is the refuge of His saints, Lasus
God is with us, Pilgrim Brothers
God is working His purpose out, Benson
God it was who said to Abraham, Gaelic Melody
God loved the world of sinners lost, Wondrous Love
God loves me dearly, Gott Ist Die Liebe
God loves you, and I love you, Anonymous
God make my life a little light, Sawley
God moves in a mysterious way, Beethoven
God moves in a mysterious way, Irish
God, my God, in heav'n above, Guds Godhet
God of all ages and Lord for, God of all Greatness ©
God of all grace, Thy mercy send, St. Gabriel
God of glory, we exalt Your Name, David Fellingham ©
God of grace and God of glory, Regent Square
God of grace and God of glory, Rhuddlan
God of justice, Saviour to all, Tim Hughes ©
God of life, God of love, G. Nobes ©
God of mercy and compassion, Au Sang Qu
God of my faith, I offer you, Anima Christi (Maher)
God of my life, through all my days, Heaton Norris
God of my salvation, hear, Faith
God of our fathers, National Hymn
God of our fathers, known of old, Lest we forget
God of our fathers, unto Thee, Sannox
God of pity, God of grace, Branksome
God of pity, God of grace, Huddersfield
God of pity, God of grace, Vesper (Stainer)
God of the living, in whose eyes, E. Hulton
God of unexampled grace, Pelham
God, our Creator, hear us sing, Highland Cathedral
God rest you merry people all, English Traditional
God reveals His presence, Compton
God said, God said world, H. Evans & N. Hemming ©
God said it, and I believe it, Unknown
God save America! New world of glory, Russian Hymn
God save our gracious Queen, British National Anthem
God sent His might pow'r, William J. Kirpatrick
God sent His Son - they called Him, Resurrection ©
God the Father, be Thou near, Palestine
God the Father, God the Son, Lebbaeus
God the Father, source of the life, J.S. Reimestad
God the Omnipotent!, Russia
God, we praise You, God, we bless You, Rustington
God who created me, Rugby
God who made the earth, Ar Hyd Y Nos
God, who made the earth , Beechwood
God who made the earth, Cura Dei
God, who made the earth, Nutfield
God who made the earth, Sommerlied
God, who stretched the spangled heavens, Hymn to Joy
God, who stretched the spangled heavens, Le Thoronet ©
God, Who touchest earth with beauty, Geneva (Lowden)
God, whose city's sure foundation, Obiit
God whose farm is all creation, Shipston
God whose Name is Love, happy children we, Haslemere
God whose Son was once a man, Greg Leavers ©
God will make a way, Don Moen ©
God, you are clothed with light, Harewood
God, You are now rearranging my way, Unknown
God, you have given us power, Culross
God's love is deeper than the, Ian D. Craig ©
God's own child, I gladly say it, Bachofen
God's Spirit is in my heart, H. Richards ©
God's way is the best way, Lida S. Leech
Going home, moving on, Dvorak (New World)
Good bye, O my friend!, L.M. Lindeman
Good Christians all, rejoice, In Dulci Jubilo
Good evening, Father, we delight to do, M. Davis ©
Good Thou art, and good Thou dost, Elevation
Grace! 'tis a charming sound, I.D. Sankey
Gracious heav'nly Father, A.B. Simpson
Gracious Lord, our Shepherd and Salvation, Covenant
Gracious Saviour, gentle Shepherd, Rousseau
Gracious Spirit, dwell with me, Cassel
Gracious Spirit, dwell with me!, Palgrave
Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost, Beaumont ©
Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost, Capetown
Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost, Charity
Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost, Dian
Grant us to see anew, Arnsberg
Great and marvelous are Your works, Anon
Great and mighty is the Lord our God, Marlene Bigley ©
Great are Thy mercies,, Song of the hoe
Great God of the vast heavens, Bryn Hywel
Great God of Wonders!, Carey
Great God of Wonders, Sovereignty
Great God, we sing that mighty hand, Germany
Great God, Your love has called us here, Abingdon ©
Great God, Your love has, Das Neugeborne Kindelein
Great hills may tremble, Bergen Ma Vika
Great is our redeeming Lord, Josiah
Great is the darkness, Coates/Richards ©
Great is the Lord and worthy of praise, S. McEwan ©
Great is the Lord, He is, Michael & Deborah Smith ©
Great is Thy faithfulness, Faithfulness ©
Great providence of heaven, Builth
Great Was Christ In Eternity, Bryn Myrddin
Greater is He that is in me, Lanny Wolfe ©
Guide me O Thou Great Jehovah, CWM Rhondda