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TUNE LIST - starting with A
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Tune/Song Title Tune/Song Title Tune/Song Title
A babe is born, Lord, I was blind!
A Good Work, He who began a good work in you ©
A la ru, Oh, sleep now, holy baby
A Perfect Heart, Bless the Lord who reigns in beauty ©
A purple robe, A purple robe, a crown of thorn ©
A Va De, Come, let us eat, for now the feast
A Virgin Unspotted, The great God of heaven
Aaronic Blessing, The Lord bless you and keep you ©
Abbey, Abide among us with Thy grace
Abbey, According to Thy gracious Word
Abbot's Leigh, Holy Spirit, ever living ©
Abbot`s Leigh, God is love, let heaven adore Him ©
Abbot`s Leigh, Glorious things of Thee are spoken ©
Abends, Sun of my soul, Thou Saviour dear
Abends, Around the throne of God a band
Aber, Still with Thee, O my God
Aberdeen, Our Father, hear our longing prayer
Abergele, Father of mercies, in Your Word
Abertawe, A sinner am I, O Lord
Aberystwyth, Jesus, lover of my soul
Aberystwyth, Saviour, when in dust to Thee
Aberystwyth, Watchman, tell us of the night
Aberystwyth, Holy Spirit, Lord of love
Aberystwyth, Our God loves us, for He gave
Abingdon, Great God, Your love has called us here ©
Abney, Blest are the humble souls that see
Abridge, O for a heart to praise my God
Abridge, Be Thou my guardian and my guide
Abridge, Behold the amazing gift of love
Abrigo de Dios, The one who lives in God ©
Abschied, All Ye That Seek the Lord Who Died
Acclamations, This is the threefold truth ©
Accrington, Praise ye the Lord, 'Tis Good to
Ach Bleib Bei Uns, Lord Jesus Christ, with us abide
Ach Gott Und Herr, Strengthen for service, Lord the
Ach Gott Und Herr, Draw us to Thee, for then shall
Ach Gott vom Himmel, O Lord, look down from heaven
Ach Gott vom Himmelreiche, The Bridegroom soon will
Ach Gott, vom Himmelreiche, Come sing, ye choirs
Ach Herr, du allerhochster Gott, The Lord ascendeth
Ach, Was Soll Ich Sunder Machen, O, how great is
Ackley, I serve a risen Saviour ©
Ad Perennis, Light's abode, celestial Salem
Ada, Redeemed, how I love to proclaim it ©
Adam, Entered the holy place above
Addington, This day God gives me strength ©
Adelaide, Have Thine own way, Lord!
Adelaide (Lohe), When morning gilds the skies
Adeste Fideles, O come, all ye faithful
Adesto Sancta Trinitas, Be present, Holy Trinity
Adieu, Into the hands that blessed ©
Adon Olam, Sing now with joy unto the Lord
Adoracion, Lord, Who will enter? ©
Adoration, Lord, we worship You ©
Adoration (St. John's), Now lives the Lamb of
Adore Te (No. 2), Father, see thy children bending
Adoro Devote, Humbly I adore Thee
Adoro Te Devote, Draw nigh and take the body of the
Adrian, Once to every man and nation
Adsum, Christ of the upward way
Advenit, Here on the threshold of a new beginning ©
Advent (Plymouth), Lord, in thy presence dread and
Advent Candle, Light a candle in a darkened place ©
Advent Ring, Christmas is coming, the Church is glad ©
Ae Fond Kiss, Who would ever have believed it?
Aeterna Christi Munera (Rouen), Rejoice! the year
Af Himlens, Your Word, O Lord, is gentle dew
Affection, High in the heavens, eternal God
African American Spiritual, Every time I feel the
Agape, Jesus, with Thy Church abide
Agincourt, Lord God, to you our hearts we raise
Agincourt (Deo Gracias), Creator of the earth and
Ahlen, The earth adorned in verdant robe
Ahnfelt, With God as our Friend
Ajalon/Redhead/Petra, Rock of Ages
Ajalon/Redhead/Petra, Go to dark Gethsemane
Ajalon/Redhead/Petra, God, be merciful to me
Ajalon/Redhead/Petra, Gracious Spirit, dwell with me
Alabad A Jehova, Praise the Lord
Albano, From Thee all skill and science flow
Albany, Ancient of Days, who sittest throned in
Alberta, Lead, kindly light ©
Alcester, Bright and Joyful Is the Morn
Aldersgate Street, Thou hidden love of God
Aletta, Holy Bible, book divine
Alford, Ten thousand times ten thousand
Alfreton, The heav'ns declare Thy glory, Lord
Alice, Caneuon Ffydd - #210
All Ehr Und Lob, Creator Spirit, by whose aid
All for Jesus, Holy Spirit, come confirm us
All For Jesus, Through the night of doubt and sorrow
All Hallows, None other Lamb, none other Name
All Hallows, The day of resurrection!
All is well, The Lord is King! Lift up your voice
All of Thee, O the bitter shame and sorrow
All Saints, Christ is risen, Christ is risen
All Saints, One there is, above all others
All Saints, Who are these like stars appearing
All Saints New, The Son of God goes forth to war
All souls, Break Thou the bread of life
All the glory, My heart is full of admiration ©
All the Way, All the way my Savior leads me
All to Christ, I hear the Saviour say
Alla Trinita Beata, Father, Give Thy Benediction
Alle Jahre Wieder, As Each Happy Christmas
Allein, Lord, in our lonely hours ©
Allein Gott in der Hoh, Across the sky the shades of
Allein Gott in der Hoh', All glory be to Thee,
Alleluia, Alleluia, alleluia, give thanks to the ©
Alleluia, Joyful, joyful, we adore Thee, God of
Alleluia, Alleluia! sing to Jesus!
Alleluia Perenne, Sing Alleluia forth in duteous
Alles Ist An Gottes Segan, Praise the Lord, rise up
Alles Ist An Gottes Segen, All depends on our
Alles ist an Gottes Segen (Konig), Come, pure
Alliance, Jesus only is our message ©
Almighty, The Lord reigns! ©
Almondsbury, Almighty Father, Lord Most High
Almsgiving, O Lord of heaven and earth and sea
Almsgiving, My God, is any hour so sweet
Alone, It was alone the Savior prayed
Alsace, High in the heavens, Eternal God
Alstone, O grant us light, that we may know
Alstyne, For your Compassion
Alta Trinita Beata, Blessed feasts of blessed
Alton, Firmly I believe and truly ©
Altus, Stand up and bless the Lord ©
Alzad Vuestros Ojos, Oh Lift Your Eyes! ©
Amazing Grace, Amazing Grace
Amen Court, O King enthroned on high ©
America, My country, 'tis of thee (America)
American, Nearer, my God, to Thee
American Hymn, Blessing and honour and glory and
Americus, How happy are the little flock
Amor Dei, O God of mercy, God of might
Amor Es, Love Is
Amstein, Thank you, God, for water, soil, and air ©
Amsterdam, Meet and right it is to sing
Amy, Good shepherd, take this little child ©
An Wasserflussen Babylon, A Lamb goes uncomplaining
Anchor, Now I have found the ground wherein
Ancient Words, Holy Words, long preserved for our ©
Andernach, The royal banners forward go
Anderson, I have found His grace is all complete
Anderson, Holy Spirit, gracious guest ©
Andre, We've no abiding city here
Andrews, Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven
Andujar, A stable lamp is lighted ©
Andy Silver, Hear my cry, O God ©
Angel Voices, Angel voices ever singing
Angel Voices (Sullivan), Angel Voices, Ever Singing
Angel's Song, Jesus, my Saviour, Brother,
Angel's Song, My soul, through my
Angel's Song (Song 34), Go, labour on!
Angels` Story, I love to hear the story
Angelus, At even, when the sun was set
Angelus, Father of heaven, whose love profound
Angelus, Forth in the peace of Christ we go
Angelus, Come to our poor nature's night
Angelus Emittitur, Gabriel's message does away
Angel`s Song, Among us our beloved stands
Anima Christi (English), Soul of Jesus, make me
Anima Christi (Maher), Soul of my Saviour, sanctify
Anima Christi (Maher), God of my faith, I offer you
Animae Hominum, There's a wideness in
Anniversary Song, What gift can we bring ©
Annue Christe, Lord of Creation, bow thine ear
Annunciation, A message came to a maiden young
Another year, Another year is dawning
Anthes, Come unto Me, ye weary, and I will give you
Anthes, Today Your mercy calls us
Antioch, Joy to the world, the Lord is come!
Antioch, No calendar will give the date
Antwerp, Be with us, gracious Lord, today
Antwerp, Born by the Holy Spirit's breath
Antwerp, Preserve me, Lord, in time of need
Antwerp, Forth in Thy name, O Lord
Anxiety, Is there a heart o'erbound by sorrow
Anxious Heart, Now, anxious heart, awake from your
Appleton, Arm These Thy Soldiers, Mighty Lord
Ar Hyd Y Nos, For the fruits of all creation
Ar Hyd Y Nos, Come and sing the Christmas story ©
Ar Hyd Y Nos, Go, my children, with my blessing
Ar Hyd Y Nos, God who made the earth
Arabia, Thou Shepherd of Israel, and mine
Arabia, Father, I know that all my life
Araluen, In faith and hope and love ©
Arden, Father of mercies, in Your Word
Ardudwy, Sing, my tongue, the glorious battle
Ardwick, Away with our fears, our troubles and tears
Arfon, God has spoken by His prophets
Arfryn, The vast heavens above are
Argentina, May the God of hope go with us
Argentinian Chant, Holy, Holy, Holy, With joy my ©
Ariel, O could I speak the matchless worth
Arirang, Christ, you are the fullness of God
Arise, Come, ye sinners, poor and needy
Arizona, Behold a Stranger at the door!
Arlington, This is the day the Lord hath made
Arlington, O for a thousand tongues to sing
Arlington, Am I a soldier of the cross
Armadale, Jesus, who lived above the sky
Armageddon, Who is on the Lord's side
Armenia, All praise to our redeeming Lord
Armes, Soon may the last glad song arise
Armstrong, There's a wideness in God's
Arncliffe, Break, day of God, O break
Arne's, Come, Holy Ghost, all-quickening fire
Arnheim, Assembled at Thy Great Command
Arnold's, Shepherd divine, our wants relieve
Arnsberg, Grant us to see anew
Arnsberg/ Groningen, God Himself is present
Arnsberg/ Groningen/ Wunderbarer, God is in His
Arr by Paul Mickelson, Now I belong to Jesus
Arr Tony Westwood, Come Holy Spirit, live Your life ©
Artavia, I sought the Lord, and afterward I knew
Artavia, And didst Thou love the race that loved not
Arthur, Lord, hear me
Arthur's Seat, Behold a little child
Arwelfa, Lord, give me quiet rest
As gentle as silence, O, the love of my Lord is the ©
Ascalon, My heart and voice I raise
Ascalon (Crusader's Hymn, St. Elizabeth), How
Ascended Triumph, Up through endless ranks of angels ©
Ascendit Deus, Father of everlasting grace
Ascension, Hail the day that sees Him rise
Ascension, There's a voice in the wilderness ©
Ascension, Behold, there came a cloud so bright
Ascension, Come, ye that love the Lord
Ash Grove, The Master hath come, and He calls us
Ash Grove, Let all things now living
Ashburton, In our work and in our play
Ashley, Salvation! O the joyful sound!
Ashwell, Lord, it belongs not to my care
Aspinwall, Thy Spirit, O Lord, makes life abound
Assam, I have decided to follow Jesus
Assisi, Most High, omnipotent, good Lord
Assurance, Blessed assurance
Assurance, He that is down needs fear no fall
At Eastertide, When Easter to the dark world came
Athair Uile-Chumhachdaich, Because the Saviour ©
Athens, I think when I read that sweet story
Atkinson, O God of Light ©
Atonement, Lamb of God, whose dying love
Attercliffe, Come let us, who in Christ believe
Attwood, Creator Spirit, by whose aid
Au Clair de la Lune, Jesus' hands were kind
Au Fort De Ma Detresse, Our Father's home
Au Sang Qu, God of mercy and compassion
Aubrey, May the feet of God walk with you ©
Auch Jetzt Macht, O North, with all thy vales of
Auctoritate Saeculi, On Jordan's bank the
Auf Meinen Lieben Gott, In God, my faithful God
Auf Meinen Lieben Gott, O Bride of Christ, rejoice
Auf, Auf, Mein Herz, Awake, my heart, with gladness
Augustine, Stand, soldier of the cross
Aurelia, The Church's one foundation
Aurelia, O living bread from heaven
Aurelia, Another year is dawning
Aurelia, I lay my sins on Jesus
Aurelia, O Father, all creating
Aurora, The Lord is rich and merciful
Aus der Tiefe rufe ich, Forty days and forty nights
Aus Meines Herzens Grunde, Arise , O Christian
Aus Tiefer Not, From depths of woe I cry to Thee
Australian National Anthem, Australians all let us
Austria, Praise the Lord, ye heavens adore Him
Austria, Glorious things of Thee are spoken
Austria, We are called to be God's people
Austria, Praise the Lord, let heaven adore Him
Austria, Not alone for mighty empire
Austria, Christ is risen, Christ is living
Austria, Sing a new song to Jehovah
Austria, Earth, with all thy thousand voices
Author of Life, Author of life Divine
Authority, Silenced! frenzied, unclean spirit ©
Autumn, Hail, Thou once despised Jesus!
Ave Maris Stella, Hail, O Star that pointest
Ave Virgo Virginum, Come, ye faithful, raise the
Avison, Shout the glad tidings
Avon, Lord of the harvest, hear
Axelson, Called to serve, unreserved ©
Aye Carol, Who is the baby an hour or two old ©
Aynhoe, The thing my God doth hate
Azmon, O for a thousand tongues to sing
Azmon, All praise to our redeeming Lord