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TUNE LIST - starting with M
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Tune/Song Title Tune/Song Title Tune/Song Title
M Sedio, Light shone in darkness ©
Mach's mit mir, Gott, Come, follow Me, the
Macht Hoch Die Tur, Lift up your heads, ye mighty
Madill, Stir Your Church, O God ©
Madrid, Come, Christians, join to sing
Madrid (Matthews), Now I have found the ground
Mae'n Duw ni mor fawr, My God is so big
Maelor, God is the fullness of every place,
Magda, Lift up your hearts, we lift them Lord, to
Magdalen, My hope is built on nothing less
Magdalen College, We sing of God, the mighty source
Magdalena, For thee, O dear, dear country
Magdalena, I could not do without Thee
Magdalene, Lord, You call us to your service ©
Magister/Ottawa, Master speak! Thy servant heareth
Magnificat, My soul gives glory to the Lord ©
Maidstone, Lord, from Whom all blessings flow
Maidstone, Pleasant are Thy courts above
Mainz, At the cross her station keeping
Mainzer, Author of faith, eternal Word
Mair, The Lord will remember
Maitland, Must Jesus bear the cross alone
Majestas, Name of all Majesty ©
Major, Minor, Minor to Major, Amens (Simple)
Malabar, Strengthen for service, Lord, the hands ©
Malate, In great thanksgiving, O Love Divine ©
Maldwyn, Delay not, delay not, O sinner, draw near
Malotte, Our Father, which are in heaven
Malvern, Thou whose almighty Word
Man of Sorrows, Man of Sorrows! what a name
Manchester, O God, we praise thee, and confess
Manchester, The earth, O Lord, is one great field
Manger Song, Where Shepherds lately knelt and kept ©
Manna (Schicht), Not far beyond the sea, nor high
Mannheim, Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us
Manoah, Begin, my tongue, some heavenly theme
Manor House, Jesus Christ, my heart's true
Manos Cariñosas, Hands of love ©
Many Masions, This day God gives me strength ©
Maori, Search me, O God
Maoz Zur, Praise our great and gracious Lord
Maranatha, Father, I adore You ©
Marching, Praise our God, the great Creator ©
Marching, Father, hear the prayer we offer ©
Marching through Georgia, Come and see the shining
Marching to Zion, Come, we that love the Lord
Margaret, Thou didst leave Thy throne
Maria's Lovsang, My soul now magnifies the Lord
Maria's Tune, Holy Spirit, go before us ©
Marienbourn, Jesus, in whom the weary find
Marienlyst, Captain of Israel's host, and Guide
Marion, Rejoice, ye pure in heart
Marlow, O God of truth, whose living Word
Marlow, Am I a soldier of the cross
Marsh Chapel, Awake, O sleeper, rise from death ©
Martha's Song, Sound aloud the trumpet! ©
Martham, O love of God, how strong and true
Martin, When each term in time
Martin, We shall overcome
Martins, Sing Alleluia forth in duteous praise
Martyn, Jesus, lover of my soul
Martyrdom/Avon, Alas! and did my Saviour bleed
Martyrs, O God of truth, whose living Word
Maryton, Lord of all being, throned afar
Maryton, O Master, let me walk with Thee
Mason, The Lord bless thee and keep thee
Mason, With all my heart, I want to love You, Lord ©
Materna, America, the beautiful
Matthews, Send a revival, O Christ, my Lord
Mauburn, Dost Thou in a manger lie
Maujer Street, Because you came and sat beside us ©
Mauna Loa, Beautiful Star of Bethlehem
Mawlgan, Blessed be Jesus
Maxon, Sing, men and angels, sing ©
Maysville, Expand thy wings, celestial Dove
McCabe, There's a call comes ringing
McCann, Gifts of bread and wine ©
McClard, Jesus is Saviour and Lord of my life ©
McClard, O our Father in heaven ©
McConnelsville, If you are tired of the load of your
McCray, Jesus Christ was born today
McKee, In Christ there is no east or west
McKinney, Have you been to the Cross ©
McKinney, Blessed Saviour, we adore Thee ©
McNeely, New Life in Jesus ©
Me Agrada Cantar, I love to sing endlessly
Mead House, God has spoken by His prophets ©
Meadville, Come, let us with our Lord arise ©
Mear, The Perfect Law of God
Meditation, Forever trusting in the Lord
Meditation, There is a green hill far away
Meditation, Tis the Blessed Hour of Prayer ©
Mein Seel, O Herr, Muss Loben Dich, With holy joy my
Meine Armuth, Come, my soul, thou must be waking
Meine Hoffnung, All my hope on God is founded
Meinen Jesum, Come, Thou precious Ransom, come
Meinen Jesum (Ulich), Thee, O Jesus, I'll not
Meins Lebens Licht, Take up your cross, the Saviour
Meirionnydd, O day of rest and gladness
Melanie, The love of God comes close ©
Melchior, Jerusalem! high tower thy glorious walls
Melcombe, O love of God, how strong and true!
Melcombe, Father, whose everlasting love
Melcombe, New every morning is the love
Melcombe, O Spirit of the living God
Melissa, Cradle, O Lord, in your arms everlasting
Melita, Eternal Father, strong to save
Melita, Strong, righteous Man of Galilee
Melling, Come, Lord, to our souls come down
Melrose, Lord of all nations, grant me grace
Melrose, O God, thy power is wonderful
Memoria, By Christ redeemed, in Christ restored
Mendebras, O day of rest and gladness
Mendelssohn, Hark! The herald angels sing
Mendip, Dear Shepherd of your people, hear
Mendip, There is a land of pure delight
Mendon, O Spirit of the living God
Mendon, Lord of all being, throned afar
Mendon, Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove
Meng Jiang Nu, Heavenly Lord of mercy and power
Merbecke, Communion Service (1940/1982 Hymnal-USA)
Mercer Street, This is my Father's world ©
Mercy, Holy Spirit, Light divine
Meribah, May we Thy precepts, Lord, fulfill
Merle's Tune, O bless the God of Israel ©
Merrial, Now the day is over
Merthyr Tydfil, These things shall be: a loftier
Merton, Hark! a thrilling voice is sounding.
Message, We've a story to tell to the nations
Messiah, Come, ye weary sinners, come
Methfessel, Let us sing songs of praise
Metzler, Thou art the way: by Thee alone
Metzler's Redhead, Jesu, our hope, our
Mfurahini Haleluya, Christ has arisen, alleluia
Mfurahini Haleluya, Jesus is risen, alleluia!
Mi Rey Y Mi Amigo, Our King and our Sovereign
Michael, All my hope on God is founded
Michael, Christ was born in Bethlehem
Middlebury, Come away to the skies, my beloved
Midlander Song, O mighty Lord
Mieneke, Glory be to the Father
Mighty Savior, Christ, mighty Saviour, Light of all
Miles Christi, To be a soldier, to fight for peace ©
Miles Lane, All hail the power of Jesus' Name!
Milites, Crown him with many crowns
Millennium, Let earth and heaven agree
Miller, In our darkness light has shone ©
Milton Abbas, Christ for the world we sing! ©
Milwaukee, Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates!
Min Aynet Fiqir New, When I beheld Jesus Christ
Min Framtidsdag, I have a future all sublime
Minerva/Trust, Come, every soul by sin oppressed
Ministres De L'Eternel, Christ, whose glory
Miniver, Praise God for the harvest of farm and of
Mirjana, There is joy among the angels
Miserere Mei, Hold thou my hands!
Misericordia, Just as I am, without one plea
Misericordia, Have Compassion on Me ©
Missionary, How dearly God must love us
Missionary Chant, Ye Christian heralds, go, proclaim
Mississippi, Jesus, once with sinners numbered ©
Mit Freuden Zart, Sing praise to God
Mit Freuden Zart, With high delight let us unite
Mit Freuden Zart, Lord Christ, when first thou
Moab, Thy way, not mine, O Lord
Modesto, Eat this bread and never hunger ©
Moel Llys, Let the song go round the earth
Moliant, Sweet is the work, my God, my King
Monk, All things bright and beautiful
Monkland, Let us with a gladsome mind
Monks Gate, Who would true valour see
Monmouth, I'll praise my Maker while I've
Mont Richard, Not always on the mount may we
Montclair, Now before you, Lord, we gather
Monte Cassino, When Christ our Lord
Montesano, Ye choirs of new Jerusalem
Montgomery, Thy faithfulness, Lord, each moment we
Montrose, My Father is omnipotent ©
Montrose, We magnify our Father God ©
Montrose, I sing the almighty power of God
Mora Proctor, You the world, Christ the hope ©
Moravia, How Holy is this place
Morecambe, Spirit of God, descend upon my heart
Morestead, Lord of all good, our gifts we bring ©
Morestead, This is the hour of banquet and of song ©
Morfudd, Thou great Creator of the heavens
Morgen, Kinder, Master, speak! Thy servant heareth
Morgenglanz Der Ewigkeit, Hear us, Father, when we
Morgenlied, Christ is Risen! Hallelujah
Moriah, Holy Lord, exalted
Moriah, Love Divine, all loves excelling
Morn of Gladness, We come with songs of gladness
Morna, What shall I render to my God
Morning Hymn, Awake, my soul, and with the sun
Morning Hymn, Awake, my soul, and with the sun
Morning Light (Webb), Stand up, stand up for Jesus
Morning Sacrifice, Now from the altar of our hearts ©
Morning Song, My soul gives glory to my God
Morning Song, Awake, awake to love and work!
Morning Song, Not here for high and holy things
Morning Star, Brightest and best of the stars of the
Morning Star, Seize now, your heritage is here
Morning Star, The blessing day
Morning Star, The Paradise on earth doesn't
Morrison, Awake, My Heart; Arise, My Tongue
Moscow, Come, Thou Almighty King
Moscow, Christ for the world we sing
Moscow, Thou, whose almighty word
Moscow, Glory to God on High
Moseley, O love that casts out fear
Motherland, Father Divine, I come to Thee
Moultrie, Round the Lord in glory seated
Moultrie, Hark the sound of holy voices
Mount Beacon, Leader of faithful souls, and Guide
Mount Ephraim, For all the saints, O Lord, who
Mount Sion, O 'twas a joyful sound to hear
Mount Sion (Pleyel), Give me the faith which can
Mount Zion, O give thanks to Him who made
Mountain Brook, Mountain brook with rushing waters ©
Mountain Christians, For the might of Thine arm we
Mountain Heights, Where do Christmas songs begin?
Mountain Peak, Jesus on the mountain peak ©
Mountfitchet, God is the giver of love ©
Moville, Christ is the world's Redeemer
Mowsley, Christ upon the mountain peak ©
Mowsley, Jesus lives! You terrors now ©
Mozart, Behold the servant of the Lord!
Mozart, As Thou, O Lord, Hast Made Me Strong
Mt Holyoke, There's a light upon the mountains
Mude Bin Ich, Now the light has gone away
Mueller, Away in a manger
Mueller, Loved with everlasting love
Muff Field, Away with our fears! The glad ... ©
Munich, O Word of God Incarnate
Munich, We sing the glorious conquest
Munich, I lay my sins on Jesus
Murray, To Christ, whose hands will bless ©
Muskogee, Have faith in God when your pathway is
My Father Knows, I'm a pilgrim and a stranger
My Lord and Friend, I am alone, yet not alone ©
My Prayer, More holiness give me
My Shepherd, O Shepherd divine, I know Thou art mine ©
My Tribute, To God be the Glory ©
My Tribute, How can I say thanks for the things ©
Mylon, Give me the wings of faith to rise
Mylor, A time to watch a time to pray
Mynydd Du, Blest be the tie that binds