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Wait my heart, Erfurt
Wake, awake, for night is, Wachet Auf (arr. Bach)
Wake, awake, for night is flying, Wachet Auf
Wake the song of joy and gladness, W.F. Sherwin
Wake up and listen now, O. Ahnfelt
Walk in the Light! so shalt thou know, Campmeeting
Walk in the light: so shalt thou know, Tiltey Abbey
Walking in sunlight all of my journey, G.H. Cook
Walking in the comfort of the Holy Ghost, Mrs Myland
Was it for me, for me alone, J.M. Whyte
Watch, ye saints, W. Kirkpatrick
Watchman, tell us of the night, Aberystwyth
Watchman, tell us of the night, Watchman
We all believe in God who, Wir Glauben All (Wagner)
We all believe in one, Wir glauben all (Latin Chant)
We all believe in one, Wir Glauben All (Metrical)
We are called to be God's people, Austria
We are called to be God's people, Festival
We are climbing, American Negro Spiritual
We are going forth, Albert B. Simpson
We are here, Lord Jehovah, Compston 232
We are living, we are dwelling, Blaenhafren
We are living, we are dwelling, The Alarm
We are marching in the light of God, Siyahamba
We are meeting here, N. Herman
We are meeting to think about Your works, G. Rund
We are never, never weary, William J. Kirkpatrick
We are now meeting, Thomas Bilby
We are now meeting, our Lord Jehovah!, J.D. Farrer
We are pilgrims, H.R. Bishop
We are ready to come to You, Swedish Melody
We are trav'lers on a journey, Beach Spring
We are Your little Ones, Jesu, C.C.D, 230
We ascribe to You, Capel Tygwydd
We bless Thee for Thy peace, Belmont
We cannot measure, Ye Banks and Braes
We come to thank you, God, by singing, Wie Gross
We come unto our father's God, Irvine Waterside
We come unto our father's God, The Golden Chain
We come unto our father's God, To God on High
We come with songs of gladness, Morn of Gladness
We desire Jesu's love, Canticle 294
We eat the plants that grow from, Country Gardens
We gather together to ask the Lord's, Kremser
We give immortal praise, Christchurch
We give immortal praise to God the, Crofts 136th
We give Thee but Thine own, Doncaster
We give Thee but Thine own, Energy
We give Thee but Thine own, Schumann
We give Thee but Thine own, St. Andrew
We give Thee but Thine own, Windermere (Somervell)
We give Thee but thine own, Yattendon 46
We go with Your blessing, Berkesi Sándor
We grieved You by our sins, H. Isaak
We have a Gospel to proclaim, Fulda
We have come to join in worship, Holy Manna
We have heard the joyful sound, Jesus Saves
We have heard the joyful sound, Limpsfield
We have not known Thee as we ought, Pater Omnium
We have not known thee as we ought, St. Catherine
We hear the words of love, Horatius Bonar
We know, by faith we know, Thessalonica
We know not the hour, F. E. Belden
We know that Christ is raised, Engelberg
We limit not the truth of God, Petersham
We love the place, O God, Quam Dilecta
We love Thy Kingdom, Lord, St. Giles
We may tarry a while, J.W. Van deVenter
We meet here, Ch. Rasoanaivo
We offer our child to be baptized, English melody
We offer our child to be baptized, Rakotonjanahary
We place upon your table, Lord, Distress
We plough the fields, and scatter, Wir Pflugen
We praise the Lord's name, Newark
We praise Thee, O God, J.J. Husband
We praise Thee, O God, our Redeemer, Kremser
We praise thee, O Lord, eternal Master, Lilian
We praise thee with our minds, O Lord, Clonmel
We praise, we worship Thee, O God, Church Triumphant
We praise You, God, confessing you as Lord!, Song 1
We praise you, Lord, for Jesus, Crucis Victoria
We praise you, Lord, for Jesus Christ, Howard
We praise You, O Jehovah, E.P. Parker
We pray thee, heavenly Father, Caerlleon
We pray, Thee, heav'nly Father, Dies Dominica
We read of a place , A.P. Bland
We rest on Thee, our Shield, James Mountain
We rose today with anthems sweet, Norwood
We, saved by Thee, are meeting here, J.H. Burke
We saw Thee not when Thou didst come, Credo
We see the Lord, Anon.
We shall overcome, Martin
We shall stand before the King, Edwin O. Excell
We shall walk through, African-American Spiritual
We shout Hosanna, Ph. Phillips
We shout Hosanna, S. Randrianandraina
We sing of God, the mighty source, Cornwall
We sing of God, the mighty source, Magdalen College
We sing the glorious conquest, Munich
We sing the praise of Him who died, Breslau
We sing the praise of, Calvisius (Ach Bleib Bei Uns)
We sing the praise of Him who died, Sarratt
We sing the praise of Him Who died, Warrington
We sing the praise of Him who died, Windham
We speak of the realms of, Contrast (Green Fields)
We thank Jehovah, Hans Rabeony
We thank Thee, Lord, for using us, Farrant
We thank you, God for eyes to see, Swiss folk melody
We thank you, Lord of Heaven, Shining Day
We thank You, O Almighty Lord, G. Andriamanantena
We thank You, O Father, S. Rahamefy
We thank you, O Father, for Your, J. Rakotonirainy
We three kings of Orient are, Kings of Orient
We, truly, believe the Mighty, P. Nilsen-Lund
We were baptized, Pilgrimssonger
We were held in bondage,, William J. Kirkpatrick
We will extol you, ever-blessed, Old 124th
We wish to come to You, I.B.Woodbury
We worship and adore You, Anon
We would see Jesus, F.E. Belden
We, Your little ones, come to You, Gustava Kielland
Weary child, thy sin forsaking, J. R. Sweney
Weary of earth and laden with my sin, Dalkeith
Weary of earth, and laden with, Langran (St. Anne)
Weary of earth and laden with my sin, Valor
Weary pilgrim on life's, Felix Mendelssohn
Weeping will not save you, R. Lowry
Welcome, happy morning, Fortunatus
Welcome, happy morning!, Hermas
Welcome, happy morning!, Salve, Festa Dies (Barnby)
We'll build on the Rock, the, F.E. Belden
Well they fight, in the Lord's grace, Herrnhag
We've a story to tell to the nations, Message
We've no abiding city here, Andre
What a fellowship, what a joy divine, Showalter
What a Friend we have in Jesus, Blaenwern
What a Friend we have in Jesus, Calon Lan
What a Friend we have in Jesus, Converse/Erie
What a mighty God we serve, Anon.
What a mighty God we serve, Zulu Working Song
What a very bright earth, English Melody
What a wonderful change, Gabriel
What a Wonderful Savior, E.A. Hoffman
What a wonderful, wonderful Saviour, F.A. Graves
What Adam's disobedience cost, Hermon
What are these arrayed in white, Benevento
What are these that glow from afar, Ymdaith Mwngc
What can wash away my sin?, Robert Lowry
What child is this who, laid to, Greensleeves
What God is doing, Philipp Nicolai
What God ordains is always good, Was Gott Tut
What grace, O Lord, and beauty shone, Clinton
What happiness, God is calling the, R. Jackson
What is the crying at, St. Mark's Berkeley
What joy there is in coming, Sanctuary
What joy, to think of that vast, Hermann (Nicolaus)
What length, breadth,, Christian Harmony, 1805
What means this eager anxious, Theodore E. Perkins
What shall I do my God to love, Stella
What shall I do my God to love, my loving, Jerusalem
What Shall I Give Thee, Master, Homer W. Grimes
What shall I render to my God, Morna
What star is this, with beams, Ein Kind Gebor'n
What star is this, with beams so bright, Puer Nobis
What thanks and praise to Thee, Deus Tuorum Militum
What truth: Jesus is alive, Kr. Wendelborg
What was it, blessed God, Unknown
What wondrous love is this, Wondrous Love
Whatever will happen Jesu, Georges Andriamanantena
When all my labors and trials are, The Glory Song
When all the world was, Was Frag Ich Nach Der Welt
When all Thy mercies, O my God, Durham
When all your mercies, O my God, Belmont
When all your mercies, O my God, Contemplation
When all your mercies, O my God, Harington
When amid life's busy, Whispering Hope
When Christ our Lord, Monte Cassino
When Christmas morn is breaking, Juldagsmorgon
When Christ's appearing, Erhalt Uns (Rhythmic)
When Christ's, Vom Himmel Kam Der Engel Schar
When Easter to the dark world came, At Eastertide
When God of old came down from heaven, Stroudwater
When He cometh, G.F. Root
When He shall come, resplendent, Pearce
When He was baptized in Jordan, Charlestown
When, His salvation bringing, Tours
When I am in the natural man, John D. Roberts
When I beheld Jesus Christ, Min Aynet Fiqir New
When I come to the end of myself, Unknown
When I fear my faith will fail, Russian Composer
When I feel my faith will fail, Robert Harkness
When I saw the cleansing fountain, I will praise Him
When I see my Saviour, hanging on, R. Harkness
When I survey the wondrous cross, Hamburg
When I survey the wondrous cross, O Waly Waly
When I survey the wondrous cross, Rockingham
When Jesu was staying with us, S.D. Major
When Jesus comes to reward His servants, W.H. Doane
When Jesus I knew not, Russian Composer
When Jesus left his Father's throne, Kingsfold
When Jesus lived among us He came, Thaxted
When morning gilds the skies, Adelaide (Lohe)
When morning gilds the skies, Laudes Domini
When morning gilds the skies, O Seigneur
When mothers of Salem, Salem
When my blest Lord will come again, James McGranahan
When my life-work is ended, J.R. Sweney
When o'er my sins I sorrow, Wenn Meine Sund
When on my days of life the nigh is falling, Gifford
When our caring love wears, Charterhouse (Cooper)
When our earthly journey ends, Rufer Singen
When our heads are bowed with woe, Redhead 47
When our heads are bowed with woe, St. Prisca
When peace like a river, Russian Composer
When peace, like a river, attendeth, Ville du Havre
When shall Thy love constrain, Shirland
When sorrows and storms, Commandant H. Booth
When Stephen, full of power and grace, Salvation
When storms of life are, William J. Kirkpatrick
When the Church of Jesus, Cuddesdon
When the King Comes in His Glory,
When the Lord of love was here, Salvator
When the morning stars together, Weisse Flaggen
When the storms of life are raging, James McGranahan
When the storms of life are raging, Stand by me
When the toils of life are over, C.B. Widmeyer
When the trumpet of the Lord, Roll Call
When the weary, seeking rest, Intercession
When this passing world is done, Pressburg
When Thy soldiers take their swords, Nutbourne
When trouble strikes and fear takes, Died for love
When upon life's billows you, Edwin O. Excell
When we are living, we are in the, Somos del Senor
When we are tempted, Psalm 22
When we walk with the Lord, Trust and Obey
When wilt Thou save the people?, Commonwealth
When wilt Thou save the people?, Kendal
When You prayed beneath the trees, Kelvingrove
Where are thy old mercies, Beddgelert
Where are you from the heaven, E.E. Hasty
Where are you from the heaven, G. Palestrina
Where cross the crowded ways of, Germany (Gardiner)
Where cross the crowded ways of, St. Bartholomew
Where do Christmas songs begin?, Mountain Heights
Where He may lead me I will go, J.M. Black
Where high the heavenly temple stands, Kent
Where may I find, F. Ambresin
Where my heart will rest now?, H.R. Bishop
Where shall I flee for, William J. Kirkpatrick
Where shall my wandering soul begin?, Old 23rd
Where shall my wondering soul, Crucifixion (Lambeth)
Where, where are you going now?, O. Ahnfelt
Where Will You Spend Eternity?, J. H. Tenny
Wherefore, O Father, Christe Fons Jugis
Wherefore, O Father, Lobet den Herren
Wherefore, O Father, Oblation
Wheresoe'er I roam, Var Jag Gar
Wherever I go, Freylinghausen Gesangbuch
Wherever I may wander, New England
While by the sheep we watched, Jungst
While fighting for my Savior here, Mary M. Garland
While morning still is breaking, Lob Gott Getrost
While Shepherds watched, Christmas
While Shepherds watched, Winchester Old
While we pray and while we plead, C.C. Case
Whiter than snow, Fischer
Who are these coming people?, W. Schulthes
Who are these like stars appearing, All Saints
Who are these people, W.B. Ogden
Who are you who walk in sorrow, Jefferson
Who at my door is standing, Asa B. Everett
Who fathoms the eternal thought?, Green Hill
Who in the Lord confide, Ishmael
Who is He in yonder stall, B.R. Hanby
Who is He in yonder stall (Double Verse), B.R. Hanby
Who is on the Lord's side, Armageddon
Who is the King of glory, Israeli Melody
Who is this so weak and helpless, Llansanna
Who puts his trust in God most just, Walton
Who want to keep company, L. Bourgeous
Who want to obey blessed Jesu?, J.R. Sweney
Who, who are these besides, Tullius C. O'Kane
Who will take little baby?, Carey Bonner
Who would be able to separate me, I.D. Sankey
Who would ever have believed it?, Ae Fond Kiss
Who would true valour see, Monks Gate
Whom have I, Lord, in heaven but, R. George Halls
Whosoever, Anywhere, Open Door
Whosoever heareth, P.P. Bliss
Whosoever will to the Lord, arr. by Frank Trenchard
Why are we captive on earth, Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
Why do you wait?, G.F. Root
Why, impious Herod, shouldst thou, St. Venantius
Why should cross and trial grieve me?, Bonn
Why should I be anxious, Sunne
Why Should I Charge My Soul, D.B. Towner
Why should I feel discouraged?, C.H. Gabriel
Why should I worry, doubt and fear?,
Wide, wide as the ocean, C. Miles
Wildly Life's Billows Are, Russian Composer
Will you come and follow me, Kelvingrove
Will your anchor hold, W.J. Kirkpatrick
Wilt Thou forgive that sin, Donne
Wilt Thou forgive that sin, So Giebst Du Nun
Wind of the north, O now blow!, Orchid Bulb
Wise God, Old 19th Cent
Wise men, seeking Jesus, Worship
With broken heart and, Babylon's Streams
With friends on earth we meet in, J.H. Tenney
With gladness we worship, rejoice as we, Datchet
With glorious clouds, St. Gregory (Wainwright)
With harps and with viols, P.P. Bliss
With high delight let us unite, Mit Freuden Zart
With holy joy my, Mein Seel, O Herr, Muss Loben Dich
With Joy And Gladness In My, Harvey's Chant
With joy we meditate the grace, Oldham Street
With joy we meditate the grace, St. Stephen
With the Lord begin your task, Fang Dein Werk
With the sweet word of peace, Verbum Pacis
With what I will exchange?, G.S. Schofield
Within the Veil, be this, Unknown
Wonderful grace of Jesus, H. Lillenas
Wonderful grand new song of the Lamb, Unknown
Wonderful story of love, Driver
Wonderful, wonderful Jesus, Benjamin A. Baur
Work for the night is coming, L. Mason
Workman of God! O lose not heart, Grainger
Worship, and thanks and blessing, Deliverance
Worthy is Christ, Digno Es Jesus
Worthy, worthy is the Lamb, Worthy
Would you be free from the burden of sin, L.E. Jones
Would you know what most I prize, Wollt Ihr Wissen
Would you live for Jesus, C.S. Nusbaum
Wounded for me, W. G. Ovens
Wrecked outright on Jesus', St. Petersburg