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Jehovah, let me now adore Thee, Dir, Dir, Jehovah
Jerusalem, my happy home, Land of Rest
Jesu, Lord of life and glory, Llanilar
Jesu, Lord of Life and glory, St. Raphael
Jesu, to Thee our hearts we lift, Cheshunt College
Jesus! and shall it ever be, Federal Street
Jesus! and shall it ever be, Whitburn
Jesus bids us shine, E.O.Excell
Jesus calls the children dear, Tramp, Tramp
Jesus calls us here to meet Him, Gaelic
Jesus calls us: o'er the tumult, Galilee (Jude)
Jesus calls us! o'er the tumult, Herald
Jesus calls us o'er the tumult, Restoration
Jesus calls us!, St. Catherine (Flood James)
Jesus calls us; o'er the tumult, Chester
Jesus Christ is made to me, Chas P. Jones
Jesus Christ is passing by, Sarajevo
Jesus Christ is risen today, Llanfair
Jesus Christ is waiting, Noel Nouvelet
Jesus Christ, my heart's true, Manor House
Jesus comes with all His grace, Orientis Partibus
Jesus comes with all His grace, Savannah
Jesus found me when afar, John M. Harris
Jesus, Friend of little children, Derwent
Jesus, gentlest Saviour, God of might and, Eudoxia
Jesus, good above all other, Quem Pastores
Jesus' hands were kind, Au Clair de la Lune
Jesus has come, and brings joy as, Jesus Ist Kommen
Jesus has loved me - wonderful, Antoine E. Batiste
Jesus hath died and hath risen, Jesus saves me now
Jesus high in Glory, North Coates
Jesus! how much Thy name unfolds, Unknown
Jesus I am resting, resting, Resting
Jesus, I love Thy charming Name, Pisgah
Jesus, I will trust Thee, I.D. Sankey
Jesus, if we aright confess, Old 44th
Jesus, in Thy dying woes, Swedish Litany
Jesus, in Thy dying woes, Ton-Man
Jesus invites his saints, Galway
Jesus invites His saints, St. Ethelwald
Jesus is all the world to me, Elizabeth
Jesus is coming to earth again, L.N. Morris
Jesus is coming; Jesus is coming, Mosie Lister ©
Jesus is Lord, the cry that echoes, Townsend/Getty ©
Jesus is standing in Pilate's hall, M.L. Stocks
Jesus is tenderly calling thee home, G.C. Stebbins
Jesus, Jesus, thou art sufficient, Llwynbedw
Jesus, keep me near the cross, W. H. Doane
Jesus, life of all the world, Life
Jesus lives! The, Jesus, Meine Zuversicht
Jesus lives! your terror now, St. Albinus
Jesus, Lord of life and glory, Jordan
Jesus, Lord, we look to Thee, Theodora (Handel)
Jesus' love is very wonderful, Unknown
Jesus, lover of my soul, Aberystwyth
Jesus, lover of my soul, Hollingside
Jesus, lover of my soul, Martyn
Jesus loves me!, China
Jesus loves the little children, George F. Root
Jesus, meek and gentle, St. Constantine
Jesus, my Lord, will love me forever, Ellsworth ©
Jesus, my Saviour, is all, William J. Kirkpatrick
Jesus, my Saviour, look on me, Hanford
Jesus, my Saviour, to Bethlehem came, E. E. Hasty
Jesus, Name all names above, St. Theoctistus
Jesus! Name of wondrous love, Louez Dieu
Jesus' name! Oh, let me sing it, Zulu Melody
Jesus of Nazareth passes by, Nordqvist
Jesus, our Lord, with what joy, Ira D. Sankey
Jesus, priceless treasure, Jesu, Meine Freude
Jesus, Redeemer of the world, Wilderness
Jesus, refuge of the weary, Wetterling
Jesus, Savior, pilot me, J.E. Gould
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun, Duke Street
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun, Rimington
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun, Truro
Jesus, Son of God most high, Peacefield
Jesus, Son of Mary, fount of life alone, Swahili
Jesus stand among us, Caswall (Bemerton)
Jesus stand among us, Linton ©
Jesus stands outside the door, Roslein
Jesus, still lead on, Seelenbrautigam (Spire)
Jesus, Sun and Shield art Thou, Coldrey
Jesus, tender Shepherd,, Brocklesbury (Brocklesby)
Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear me, Evening Prayer
Jesus, the First and Last, St. Olave
Jesus, the First and Last, Watford
Jesus the good Shepherd is, Gethsemane (Dykes)
Jesus the Lord said,, Yisu Ne Kaha (Urdu Tune)
Jesus, the loving Shepherd, W.A. Ogden
Jesus, the very thought of Thee, St. Agnes (Dykes)
Jesus, Thou alone art worthy,
Jesus, Thou Joy of loving hearts, Hesperus (Quebec)
Jesus, Thou Joy of loving hearts, Holly (Holley)
Jesus, Thou Joy of loving hearts, St. Luke
Jesus, Thou joy of loving hearts, St. Sepulchre
Jesus, Thou soul of all our joys, Grosvenor
Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness, Fulda (Germany)
Jesus, Thy love shall I forget, Anon
Jesus, to Thee we fly, Irene
Jesus, to Thy table led, St. Phillip
Jesus, to Thy table led, Tyholland
Jesus, united by Thy grace, St. David
Jesus walked this lonesome, American Spiritual
Jesus, we look to Thee, Reuben
Jesus, we on the word depend, Newhaven (Luton)
Jesus, where'er Thy, Redhead No. 4 (Paddington)
Jesus, who lived above the sky, Armadale
Jesus, with Thy Church abide, Agape
Jesus, with thy Church abide, Hervey's Litany
Jesus, with thy Church abide, Litany of the passion
Join all the glorious names, Darwall
Join all the glorious names, Warsaw
Join the song of praise and protest, Daily Daily
Joined to the Christ victorious, John F. Burrowes
Joseph dearest, Joseph mine, Resonet In Laudibus
Joseph, your love of life, Healing
Joy bells are ringing, Julen Ar Inne
Joy to the world, the Lord is come!, Antioch
Joyful, joyful, we adore Thee, Hymn to Joy
Joyful the morning when Jesus Christ, Dikonomaytin
Judge eternal, throned in, St. Leonard (Bach)
Just as I am, Dunstan
Just as I am, Saffron Walden
Just as I am, Woodworth
Just as I am, myself I give to Thee, Mimi Lam
Just as I am, without one plea, Misericordia
Just lean upon the arms of Jesus, L.E. Jones
Just over the mountains, J.R. Sweney
Just when I need Him, Jesus is near, Gabriel