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Hail, hargbinger of morn, Hail, hargbinger of morn
Hail! holy, holy, holy Lord!, Dunfermline
Hail, O Star that pointest, Ave Maris Stella
Hail Redeemer, King Divine, Rex
Hail! sacred day of earthly rest, Dona
Hail! sacred day of earthly rest, Wreford
Hail the day that sees Him rise, Ascension
Hail the day that sees Him rise, Llanfair
Hail Thee! Spirit, Lord eternal, Cowley
Hail Thou once despised Jesus, Hyfrydol
Hail to the Lord who comes, Old 120th
Hail to the Lord's, British Grenadiers
Hail to the Lord's annointed, Cruger
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, I've been, Anonymous
Hallelujah, He is risen!, Philip P. Bliss
Hallelujah! I have found Him, Ralph E. Hudson
Hallelujah! sing to Jesus, Hallelujah
Hallelujah! sing to Jesus, Hyfrydol
Hands that have been handling holy, Glenfinlas
Happy are they, they that love God, Binchester
Happy the man that finds the grace, Blockley
Hark! a thrilling voice is sounding., Merton
Hark! hark, my soul!, La Suissesse
Hark, Hark! my soul! Angelic songs are, Pilgrims
Hark, my soul, how everything, Lyne
Hark, my soul! it is the Lord, Campian
Hark, my soul! It is the Lord, Petersfield
Hark, my soul! it is the Lord, St. Bees
Hark! Ten thousand, Geistliche Lieder, Germany
Hark, the glad sound! The Saviour comes, Bristol
Hark, the glad sound! the Saviour comes, St. Saviour
Hark! The herald angels sing, Mendelssohn
Hark the sound of holy voices, Moultrie
Hark the sound of holy voices, Vision
Hark! there comes a whisper, W.H. Doane
Hast thou no scar?, Unknown
Hasten the time appointed, Lancashire
Hausa #Y15 - Mu za mu je shaida, Here we go round
Hausa #Y17 - Mai jin addu’a, I love Him better
Hausa #Y20 - Na sami ƙaunar, I've got the joy
Hausa #Y24 - Dā da wani yaro, Only a boy
Hausa #Y33 - Zo gun Yesu, Frere Jacques
Hausa #Y34 - Ya kamata duk, Everybody ought to know
Hausa #Y35 - Maganar Allah hamma, The Book of Books
Hausa #Y44 - Littafi Mai Tsarki,, The B-I-B-L-E
Hausa #Y45 - Ҡofa ɗaya, ita kaɗai, Elsie Leslie
Have faith in God when your pathway is, Muskogee
Have Thine own way, Lord!, Adelaide
Have you any room for Jesus?, C.C. Williams
Have you been to Jesus, Washed in the Blood
Have you failed in your plan, Lubbock
Have you on the Lord believed?, Philip P. Bliss
Have you read the story?, T. Dennis
Having seen the world's fair beauty, Unknown
He dies! He dies! the lowly Man of, J.H. Burke
He faileth not, for He is God, Lowell Mason
He is alive, He is alive, Unknown
He is born, the divine Christ-Child, Il Est Ne
He is Lord, He is Lord, Unknown
He is most dear to me, Carl M. Von Weber, 1821
He is risen, He is risen, Gott Des Himmels
He is risen, He is risen!, Neander (Unser Herrscher)
He is the fullness of the heavens, Foelallt
He leadeth me, He leadeth me
He offers us his healing, Yr Hyfryd Wlad
He reigns! the Lord, the Saviour,, Wainwright
He wants not friends that, O Jesus Mi Dulcissime
He who would valiant be, St. Dunstan's
Head of the Church, whose Spirit fills, Doversdale
Head of Thy Church triumphant, Dying Stephen
Heal Me, hand of Jesus, Sutton Common ©
Hear our prayer, O Lord, Whelpton
Hear the words of Scripture, H.L. Gilmour
Hear what the voice from heaven proclaims, Wigton
Here from the world we turn, Tryst
Here is love vast as the ocean, E. Lowry
Here is love, vast as the ocean, Pennant
Here, O my Lord, I see thee face to face, Congleton
Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to, Farley Castle
Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to, Peel Castle
Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to face, Penitentia
Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to face, Toulon
Here we suffer grief and pain, Samuel Ashmead
He's got the whole world in His, Spiritual
Hide God's Word in your heart, R. Harkness
High o'er the lonely hills, Dawn
Hills of the North, rejoice, Little Cornard
Himself He could not save, James McGranahan
His are the thousand sparkling rills, Isleworth
His banner over me is love, Unknown
His grace aboundeth more, William J. Kirkpatrick
His hands were pierced, D. Wood
His love is more than tongue can tell!, Jane E. Hall
Ho, my comrades! see the signal, P.P. Bliss
Hold Thou my hand! so weak I am , H.P. Main
Holy Bible, book divine, Aletta
Holy Father, great Creator, Regent Square
Holy Father, in Thy mercy, Westridge
Holy God, Holy and Mighty, Russian Trisagion
Holy God, we praise Thy Name, Grosser Gott
Holy God, we praise Thy Name, Te Deum
Holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, J. Owens ©
Holy, holy, holy is the Lord, Schubert
Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty!, Nicea
Holy, holy, holy Lord God of, Chautauqua (Refrain)
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts, St. Athanasius
Holy Lamb, who Thee confess, Syria
Holy offerings, rich and rare, Holy Offerings
Holy Spirit, breathe on me, Truett
Holy Spirit, come confirm us, All for Jesus
Holy Spirit, come confirm us, Hartley Wintney
Holy Spirit, ever dwelling, Exile
Holy Spirit, ever dwelling, Holy Manna
Holy Spirit, ever dwelling, In Babilone
Holy Spirit, gift bestower, Yr Hun Gan
Holy Spirit, hear us, Pastor Pastorum
Holy Spirit, Light divine, Mercy
Holy Spirit strengthens us, G.J. Geer
Holy Spirit, Truth divine, Canterbury
Holy Spirit, Truth divine, Lew Trenchard
Holy Spirit, Truth divine, Lubeck
Hope, peace and joy, given with, He that is in us ©
Hosanna to the Living Lord, Hosanna (Dykes)
Hover o'er me, Holy Spirit, Fill me now
How beauteous are their feet, Day of praise
How blest is life if, Broadmead (David's Harp)
How can I be free from sin, G. Kendrick ©
How can I ever stay away?, Unknown
How can we sing the Lord's song, Essex Place ©
How can we sing with joy to God, Fingal
How dearly God must love us, Missionary
How dearly God must love us, Salvatori
How deep the riches of our God, Belair ©
How Excellent is Thy Name, Anon.
How firm a foundation, C.L. Parker
How firm a Foundation, Foundation
How glad I am each Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve
How good, Lord, to be here!, Carlisle
How good, Lord, to be here!, Potsdam
How great the joy the Lord, Day of Redemption
How lovely on the mountains are the, Our God Reigns
How pleasant, how divinely fair, I.B Woodbury
How, Ascalon (Crusader's Hymn, St. Elizabeth)
How shall I follow Him I serve, St. Gregory
How shall I sing that majesty which angels, Coe Fen ©
How sweet the name of Jesus sounds, Rachel ©
How sweet the Name of Jesus sounds, St. Peter
Hushed was the evening hymn, Samuel
Hymnary-1983 #101 (Chinese), Unknown
Hymnary-1983 #141 (Chinese), Mimi Lam
Hymnary-1983 #149 (Chinese),
Hymnary-1983 #154 (Chinese), Arr. by H.G. Tovey
Hymnary-1983 #159 (Chinese),
Hymnary-1983 #190, Theodore E. Perkins
Hymnary-1983 #230, John E. Su
Hymnary-1983 #244, Lelia N. Morris
Hymnary-1983 #292 (Chinese), Mimi Lam
Hymnary-1983 #346, John E. Su
Hymnary-1983 #351, Unknown
Hymnary-1983 #368, George F. Root
Hymnary-1983 #370, Mimi Lam